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Winston-Salem Attorneys Are Frustrated With The Lack Of Communication And Strategic Planning From Their IT Providers

So, what’s going on here? As a busy attorney who’s invested in technology for your practice, you need to know.

We get calls all the time from lawyers who want to switch their technology services to us. They’ve signed up for managed services with another provider, but they’re not getting the communication and strategic direction they require.

If this is happening to you, our Legal IT Experts can help. 

Law firms complain that they want answers from their IT Company like:

  1. What is Microsoft Office 365 and is it right for our law firm?
  2. When will our quarterly meetings be held?
  3. Why isn’t anyone being proactive and communicating issues that need addressing?
  4. Why are we getting incomplete IT reports without explanations in plain language?

You can easily see why they’re frustrated. You may be feeling the same way about your IT services provider.

If so, you should contact our Legal IT Experts. 

You need more than basic IT monitoring and management if you want to grow your practice. Just like you have a strategic business plan, you need a Strategic Technology Plan.

“The best way to utilize technology is to create a detailed plan that forces a lawyer or law firm to be introspective and honest about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their expectations for how technology can improve their practices. Unfortunately, most lawyers lack the time or foresight to be able to do this.”

This is according to a statement made by Sonia Miller-Van Oort of Sapientia Law Group in Minneapolis at the ABA Techshow in 2017.

“Lawyers are constantly reacting because we’re always so busy,” said Miller-Van Oort. “It’s hard to stop reacting and be proactive in your approach. It’s really easy to just hope that your existing technology will magically fix itself, but that’s not going to happen.”

What’s prescribed here is to conduct a detailed analysis of where you’re experiencing deficiencies in your technologies and what solutions can be used to resolve them.

But how do you do this on your own? – You may not be able to do this because of your busy schedule.

You need a reliable Legal IT Strategist to carve out a specific plan as the ABA recommends. Only then can you be sure your technology supports your long-term requirements. 

The right technology plan helps you manage your technology investments, reduce costs related to using new technologies, and replace obsolete IT solutions with ones that align with your operations.

With our guidance and a sound IT strategy, you can stay competitive and provide the services your clients require from you. Now… back to the simple questions above.

1. What is Microsoft Office 365 and is it right for your law practice? 

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based online suite that provides access to services and software. It offers an email solution with a 25GB mailbox and spam filter. Office 365 includes online versions of Microsoft Office such as Word, PowerPoint, Lync, and Excel. In addition, an online document storage option is available to securely store your important documents

Office 365 is designed to provide connectivity and productivity features that your law firm needs to remain competitive in today’s evolving technology market. There are a variety of plans you can choose from.

Many law firms are using Office 365 for the secure email aspect of the service. However, it’s important to discuss your options with an experienced IT provider like Parkway Tech. Office 365 is becoming more sophisticated all the time, with added features to improve the user experience.

2. When will quarterly meetings be held? 

Our Legal IT Experts provide complimentary quarterly IT summaries. This is a “plain-talk” report that reveals the condition of each component in your system and if any updates or changes are required based on your needs.

It includes:

  • Recommendations for organizational IT design so you can pursue market opportunities and overcome business challenges through updated, value-based technologies.
  • An up-to-date IT budget so you can confirm your IT expenses, and budget for future ones.
  • Procurement assistance to ensure you get the best prices possible on hardware and software.
  • A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan to confirm that your law firm can stay up and running no matter the IT disaster, manmade or natural.
  • IT Project Management advice that identifies technology needs for specific projects whether they are new ones or ongoing.

3. Why is no one being proactive and communicating issues that need addressing? 

This won’t be an issue with our Legal IT Experts. You’ll benefit from proactive 24/7 remote monitoring and support, as well as immediate communications if any potential issues or problems are detected.

4. Who’s sending these unacceptable reports without explanations in plain language? 

All reports will be sent directly to you from your designated Legal IT Expert. They will clearly detail the status of your technology in clear and plain language that your staff can comprehend. If you have any questions, they will answer them quickly and completely.

If you’re frustrated with the lack of communication and proactive, strategic planning from your current IT company, we’ll be happy to meet with you. One of our Legal IT Experts will visit your office and explain how strategic planning, along with the right IT support and service will ensure your practice succeeds.

For a free assessment of your IT needs, contact Parkway Tech in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by calling (336)-310-9888t or by emailing

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Written by Chris Michalec posted on July 2, 2018

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