Secure Cloud Solutions

The cloud has completely changed the technology landscape. The power of the cloud allows smaller businesses to compete in a market that was previously unattainable, thanks to the powerful tools, affordability, and scalability of cloud services.

Parkway Tech provides independent cloud services that improve your operations, enhance the way you work, and keep you on budget.

While the innovative capabilities of the cloud cannot be denied, many professionals are hesitant to trust the cloud and rely on outsourcing. We take the element of fear out of migrating to the cloud because we own our independent cloud solution, meaning everything you store is safe and secure on servers that Parkway Tech owns and manages.

Are you using the power of the cloud to improve your practice and work more effectively? Parkway Tech is your comprehensive managed IT services provider with cloud computing expertise that can greatly increase your overall company productivity.

Parkway Tech—Your Cloud Services Expert Team

Harnessing the power of the cloud allows you to enhance the way you work in a number of ways, and this innovative new set of tools and solutions enables you to benefit from:

  • Dedicated Data Center Space – Your critical digital assets are kept secure and close by in our dedicated data center space. Gain peace of mind knowing you have easy access and your data is safe and secure in an area owned, operated, and maintained by Parkway Tech.
  • Hosted Email Solutions – Email is a critical component of the communications of your business. We provide hosted email solutions that allow you to stay in contact, manage your contacts, and have constant access to your calendar.
  • Cloud Storage Options – By storing your important information and resources on the cloud, you are able to access them from any device in any location with the appropriate credentials. Pick and choose which information is kept on the cloud and control who has access while still leveraging mobility.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – The cloud is an extremely versatile platform, flexible and easy to scale to meet your business needs, whatever they might be at that time. Growth and expansion are easily supported on a cloud platform.
  • Affordability – The cloud comes complete with competitive pricing – making it affordable for law firms of any size. Easy, per-user pricing helps you control costs and only pay for the services you are using.
  • Data Backup and Protection – Data security and protection is a necessity for any business, regardless of size. We provide the highest level of security and maintenance available – offering around the clock monitoring of our servers to protect against intruders and threats.

Parkway Tech—Customized IT Solutions

To truly thrive, every business needs the right tools to get the job done. What works for one company just might not be the right fit for yours. At Parkway Tech, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are a custom fit for each client we serve.

Many times, you already have everything that you need—you just need a little help to maximize what is already in place. Other times, you have some things in your infrastructure that aren’t doing much other than taking up space and costing you money. We will streamline and simplify your IT acquisitions into a well-oiled machine that will help your work processes run seamlessly.

Parkway Tech can help you make a seamless migration to the cloud and take your technology to the next level.

Call us now at (336) 310-9888 or send an email to to learn about the goal-driven capabilities of cloud computing.

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