Managed I.T. Services for Businesses of all Sizes

A lot of planning and understanding goes into each service contract we offer. We make sure we have a solid understanding of why you are doing things the way you are doing them and then work on a plan that will add security and efficiency to your company. We know how important functional I.T. is to your daily interactions and work hard to make sure your I.T. is always working for you.

Parkway Tech IT Managed Services Include:

  • Unlimited offsite backup for all computers.
  • Malware protection for all computers - Daily and weekly scans are done, and we are notified if anything is detected.
  • Monthly maintenance on computer systems. This includes the cleanup of temporary files, to reclaim disk space; disk defragmentation, if needed, to improve performance; and removal of any toolbars and other software that is slowing down a system.
  • IT Documentation Management - We make sure that your network information, server information, and other important technology details are stored in our secure document management platform. We also keep passwords in here, if you desire. This enables us to grab information quickly if another vendor needs it or alert you to any potential issues with the installation of new equipment.
  • Backup and Recovery Testing and Monitoring - Even local backups, if the software allows, will be monitored for backup successes. We will also ensure that backups are tested quarterly to ensure they could be restored (servers only).
  • Firewall, Wireless Network, and Connectivity Management - We will make sure that your Internet connection stays up, and we can contact the ISP if it goes down. We will also make sure that your wireless access points and the firewall are kept up-to-date. If any changes are needed to the firewall, we will do that as well.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews - Every quarter, you’ll sit down with our IT consultant to review the state of your IT systems and how they can be tweaked to better support your organizational objectives. This is more proactive than the annual review in the Park Ranger plan, as we will actively look for and recommend services and projects that can improve pain points in your business.
  • Unlimited Support - All support during normal business hours is included. To better manage costs, unlimited onsite support is included during our normal business hours. This onsite support also covers things like equipment upgrades. It only excludes projects.
  • Legal, Financial & HR Business App Support - For your major applications (an example would be QuickBooks or your case management system) we will provide support. The only requirement is that you have an active support contract with the software vendor. Additionally, we will upgrade this software for you once a year.
  • Vendor Management - We will work directly with your technology vendors to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Rapid Response - The foundation of all our true managed services plans is our rapid response time.

Rapid Response Times.

We know that setting and meeting expectations is important for all business types. We offer a one hour or less response time for all I.T. issues. Emergencies are: the server being down for everyone, the network is down for everyone, the Internet is down for everyone, or a critical system crashing. For all other issues, we guarantee a 15 minute response time.

  • Online Video Training – One of the major challenges for modern businesses is getting their team to use the tools they already have to their fullest capacity! Whether it is someone who doesn’t know how to do a mail merge in Word or someone who is having trouble adjusting to Windows 10, we will provide online professional video training to each user. This training includes all Microsoft Office products, Office 365 services, Microsoft Windows, Quick Books, and general business training. It is a great resource that we absolutely sell separately, but that is bundled here in our Sherpa tier.
  • Data Breach Protection – One key area that cyber criminals are actively targeting is small organizations that have few security controls or training in place. Because of this, we include data breach protection. This service provides a small amount of coverage for data breaches, but more importantly, provides training for an organization’s employees. This online training teaches employees how to spot these threats. A key feature of this service is regular, fake phishing emails that deliver a report to an organization of who fell victim.

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