Didn't Schedule for Downtime?

Improve Law Firm Agility and Adaptability

Your focus is on your clients. Your calendar shows your caseload is full. ​The last thing you need, while rushing to court, is for your law firm’s IT system to go offline leaving you exposed.

Information Systems Management

Information Systems Management

​Parkway Tech is a passionate team of ​IT professionals committed to taking care of the IT needs of your law firm.

Strategic Technology Solutions

Strategic Technology

Parkway’s ​technology solutions take care of your law firm's IT needs today all while ​planning for tomorrow.

Security First

Parkway’s approach to cybersecurity for Law Firms cannot be touched by any other technology consulting firm.

​What Matters Most: Our ​Oath

We are duly qualified to exercise the full duties as a Managed Service Provider for Law Firms, and that we will, to the best of our abilities, discharge those duties and will preserve, protect and defend your law practice from cyber-attacks. To our clients, we pledge faithfulness, competence, diligence, good judgment and prompt communication, and provide specific guarantees:

  • Five-Minute Response Guarantee
  • No Lost Files Guarantee
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Virus-Free Guarantee
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

​We will promptly assist all clients with concerns, questions or inquiries regarding better technology defenses, software upgrades, or hardware replacements.

Your law firm depends on technology to provide exceptional legal services for your clients. When Law firms ​invest in the proper IT solutions and engage with a technology solutions company who specializes in law firms, great things happen.

Don’t leave your law firm’s information technology to chance. Engage with Raleigh, Charlotte and the Triad’s top information systems company to look after your law practice’s technology solutions.

​Customized law firm IT ​services

​Whether you have a growing firm of 12 people or an established practice of 250+, Parkway Tech can provide all of your technology needs. For firms with an in-house IT department, we ​provide guidance on special projects, increased security and protection, ​and consult on implementation of new systems and procedures. For firms that do not yet have In-House IT, Parkway can ​step into the role of setting up your entire infrastructure. From ongoing staff training to dark web monitoring, Parkway Tech is the single source provider for all the IT needs of your law firm. 

​Start here... 

​Maybe you've been told that you should move your email to Office 365, or that storing your files in the cloud is the way to go. Or maybe you're here because you've experienced a security breach at your firm and you have an emergency situation. No matter what brought you ​to our site, we're glad you're here. The first step is creating a plan that takes care of your immediate needs ​ and future-proofs your systems for tomorrow. We don't expect you to know exactly what you are looking for or to have identified the holes in your current system. That's our job. And we do it exceptionally well. Let us show you how the right technology solutions can make your firm more productive and efficient.