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Parkway Tech will respond quickly when you have computer or network problems.
We even guarantee a five-minute response time with our ComprehensiveCare Platinum service plan or you get the service that month for free.


When your computers are down, it is stressful and costly, and we feel that pain.
Let us make it disappear.
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Too many IT companies were either very good at passing the buck, or so slow and unresponsive that you might wonder if robots would be more personable and helpful. Chris wanted to see an IT company that treated its clients’ business like its own – something that would go beyond the usual platitudes and promises of “the best IT solutions” and really focus on being a partner for clients. A company that would put its money where its mouth was and guarantee their performance.

To find out more about how our IT services and solutions can help your Triad business, contact us to schedule a free no-obligation review of your business’s IT. Call us at (336) 310-_9888 or send an email to today.

Do a quick Google search for IT service providers in the Triad area. Every company you find says the same thing: “We deliver the best and fastest service at the best value.” That’s a great promise to make, but everyone says it, and saying it doesn’t prove it so.

We’ve never seen another company go beyond saying it with a guarantee like ours. Parkway Technology Solutions offers our Platinum 5-Minute Guarantee with our Platinum Managed Services Plan. No tricks, no hassle – just the promise of prompt and expert service for when you need it most. Sound too good to be true? Call us today at (336) 310-_9888 to find out we mean what we say.