Pulling Your Hair Out?

Pulling Hair OutReady to pull your hair out because of computer problems? Is everyone in the office making threats because your server keeps crashing? Let’s end your computer problems and take the hassles of IT off your plate.

Computer problems aren’t a fact of life, and a slow response to them isn’t acceptable. Parkway Tech eliminates computer issues for our clients, and we quickly respond to those that do occasionally happen. With our VIP Care service, you even get a guaranteed 5 minute response time to emergencies or your money back.

Don’t live another day with the frustrations of technology headaches. With everything you do in your busy office, it’s time you got some relief from computer & server problems. Contact Parkway Tech today, so you can work without computer problems.

"When we have a problem, they respond fast. We stay down an hour at the most, and we haven't had that with other IT companies. If you have an office where you need computers to run, this is the way to go."
Mike LevineLevine Law Group
"After going through a series of IT providers we were in desperate need of help. We recently moved our office and without Parkway's assistance it could have been a disaster. It went off without a hitch."
Frank FordeEvolve Companies
"Of all the IT companies I've worked with, I'd say they've been the best as far as responsiveness is concerned. They tend to get things right when they set up the first time."
Bailey LiipfertLiipfert Law

5 Minute Response Guaranteed

5 Minute Response GuaranteeYou know what we hate about 99% of IT companies? They never seem to feel any urgency. “Oh, your server’s down? We’ll try to be out there tomorrow.” “Can’t run your payroll this week? We’ll have someone call you back.” And then you’re like that skeleton waiting by the phone because they never call back unless you remember to reach back out to them. You’ve got enough to worry about, and when you have an IT problem, you need a quick response.

We understand! That’s why our VIP Care service includes a 5 minute guaranteed response to all IT emergencies. And if we fail to meet that even once, you get your next month of service for free. And even if you don’t have an emergency, we will still respond quickly. All other computer, network, and server issues or changes have a 15 minute response guarantee.

But responding quickly is just part of it. If nothing ever gets resolved you still aren’t better off. That’s why we guarantee that 90% of support requests will be resolved within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). And if we don’t meet that? You get your next month of service for free. Finally an IT company who puts their money where their promises are.

Ready to get a quick response to your computer and network problems? Contact Parkway Tech so we can help you never worry about computer problems again.

"We worked the same way for several years and when we really needed someone, we did not know who to call and who to trust. Trust was a big factor in our decision to go with your company. You explain things, you offer options, and you know the security."
Peggy Smith-JamesWinston Bone & Joint Associates
"Your processes and procedures are professional and efficient but don’t feel like we’re dealing with a government bureaucracy. I can rely on you to give us great service; I can rely on you to be watching our systems; I can rely on you for great tech advice."
Tessa LeftwichIsaacson Isaacson Sheridan Fountain & Leftwich
"Every time we have contacted Parkway Tech for a concern, issue or hiccup, they have been nothing short of immediate to respond, resolve then follow up to be sure all issues our are resolved. They provide an invaluable service."
Christi BarbourBarbour Spangle Design

One Affordable Price

Have you ever gotten a quote for “full service IT?” You know, the service plan where all labor is included, and you get the extras like backup and maintenance. Have you recovered from the sticker shock yet? It’s unbelievable what some companies charge! Now great service certainly isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Full service IT can be affordable and responsive.

We feel you deserve great service at an affordable price. And we believe that this service should include all of the basics and the labor you’ll need. No unexpected charges or expensive add-ons before it fits your company. Our support plans are so affordable, you’ll wonder how you lived without them before. Contact us so you can get all the quick computer service you need at an affordable price.

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It’s Easy To Make the Switch

Dreading making the switch? When we talk with office managers, administrators, and small business owners, they love what we offer. They love the guarantees, the price, and what they hear when they speak to our clients. But…they worry about how painful it will be to switch from their current IT provider.

“Will I have a bunch of problems that take awhile to solve during the transition?”

“How can I be sure that my current IT company can’t get back into our systems?”

“What do I do about all the information my current IT guy has?”

It’s totally normal and understandable to have these concerns. But here’s where our process makes the difference. We’ve brought on many clients who had these same concerns, but every time they’ve commented to us within the first week about how easy we made the transition. You’ve got a ton on your plate already, so our experienced team takes the ball and runs with it.

We make sure your systems are secured and important passwords are changed. We know exactly the information we need, and, if your old IT guy decides to be a jerk and not hand it over, we have other ways of getting that.

And most importantly, we make sure it is a smooth transition for you and your team. They’ll know who to contact for help, and we will have the switch completed within just a couple of days…REALLY!

Don’t suffer with crappy computer service any longer. Get the experienced, affordable, reliable Parkway Tech team to keep the computer gremlins away. Contact us to get started.

We keep computers running every day for the Liipfert Law Firm in Winston-Salem

“Our computer systems are our life blood,” said Liipfert Law partner Bailey Liipfert. “Being able to communicate with clients, being able to keep up with documents, being in touch with people, it’s just absolutely vital.”

“I was looking at ways of controlling the cost on IT, but not feeling like I was sacrificing the skill level. I liked what I was hearing and liked the prices I was hearing from Chris. They were significantly lower than some of the bigger contractors around. After signing up, what I liked was if I have a question, their response is almost immediate. If I run into a problem on something I’m drafting and I need help, there will be somebody that contacts me in minutes.”

“We had one of those nasty things that locks your network up [ransomware], and Parkway Tech was able to come in and deal with that and fix it with very little downtime for us. It just gives me confidence that, in an emergency, they’re just there and they’re quick as can be.”

“Of all the IT companies I’ve worked with, I’d say they’ve been the best as far as responsiveness is concerned. There’s less of the experimenting, and ‘When things don’t work, we’ll come in and fix it.’ They tend to get things right when they set up the first time.”

90 Days to Try Us Out

90 Day Money Back GuaranteeWhen you first started dating, you didn’t immediately marry one of the first people you dated. So why would you lock yourself into a long term contract with an IT provider without being able to try them out?

If you’ve been burned before with IT companies, we’ve got great news! You can try us out for 90 days with no risk because all our service plans include a 90 day money back guarantee. Now, we know you’ll continue to enjoy our great service long after that since several of our clients have been with us for 8+ years now (Parkway Tech is almost 10!). But we don’t want to keep you tied down in a contract you’re waiting anxiously to get out of.

3 months to give us a try. 3 months for us to resolve your computer and server problems, and for you to enjoy our expert advice and quick response. With this little risk, you need to contact Parkway Tech today. Give us a call so we can start helping your company.


Get to Know Parkway Tech

With the entire Parkway Tech team, you’ll find a group passionately devoted to service and speed. We like to solve problems with an emphasis on getting them solved quickly.

We’ve been around nearly 10 years as a company, though our combined experience in fixing computer problems goes back decades. We’re a small team dedicated to helping our clients make the best use of technology to grow their organizations. It’s all about how we can help our clients achieve their goals.

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