Would your company survive? 

Despite industry-leading security solutions and around the clock monitoring of risks and vulnerabilities, every business is still at risk of falling victim to a cyber attack, human error, or natural disaster. When that happens, how will you be affected? Do you have dependable backups in place and a well-developed business continuity and disaster recovery plan to ensure you can get your business up and running again quickly?

A little bit of forethought and a partnership with Parkway has the power to save your business.

Natural disasters happen. We can’t predict them nor can we avoid them. The best we can do is prepare for them. Partnering with a leading IT firm for business continuity services could be the best investment you will ever make for your company.

A proactive approach to problems that can arise as a result of power outages, human error, or attempted cyber attacks, can save you ever needing to be reactive. A little time and a little money spent in this arena could preserve and protect your name, your reputation, and your business.

Parkway Tech offers a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures you have quick and easy access to your business-critical information and resources, so you can minimize costly downtime and resume production operations as easily and efficiently as possible.

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Business Continuity Solutions from Parkway Tech

Parkway Tech provides continuity solutions as an independent service, or they can be part of your customized service package. When you take advantage of these offerings, you benefit from:

  • Scalable Services – You can get all the storage space you need with our scalable backup solutions. With IT from Parkway Tech, you never pay for more than you need, and you gain access to accommodate growth easily.
  • Customized To Suit Your Needs – Parkway Tech brings customizable services to the table, allowing you to custom-fit your backup and disaster recovery needs to suit you best.
  • Regular Backups – Parkway Tech ensures your files are kept up to date with backups taking place every 30 minutes. This makes picking up where you left off easier if you end up requiring a restore.
  • Easily Retained Backups – The Parkway Tech approach to business continuity means backups are stored in our independent data center and stored on our own physical servers, so you know your information is easily accessible and secure at all times.
  • Image File Backups – With business continuity from Parkway Tech, your image files are sent to our data center on a daily basis. You can have total peace of mind knowing your important resources are secure, up to date, and stored in our safe location.
  • No Third Party Vendors – With Parkway Tech, you avoid the hassle and confusion of dealing with third-party vendors because we build all our backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Affordable  Continuity Solutions with Parkway Tech

We understand that partnering with Parkway Tech to manage your business continuity solutions has to make financial sense for you. A lot of companies mistakenly assume that outsourcing their technology needs to a private IT services firm is just too cost prohibitive. If you’re spending more and more of your time on IT and less time on your clients or business, maybe it's time to see for yourself just how affordable professional IT services can be. Parkway Tech offers affordable, flat-rate monthly fees to fit any budget.

All the IT you need to succeed is just a phone call away with the Parkway Tech team.

Keeping business moving during times of crisis is critical to the well-being of your company. Don’t wait until its too late to think about backup and disaster recovery.

Call the friendly Parkway Tech team now at (336) 310-9888 or send an email to service@parkwaytech.com to learn more about our custom built tools.

We have the skills to get and keep your business on target. We look forward to hearing from you.