Serious I.T. Security

Cyber crime is a real and present danger to businesses of every size. You may not realize the value of your important information, but an intruder does. IT Security has to be a priority to keep your data, networks, and workstations secure. It is critical to minimize vulnerabilities and safeguard your systems.

Cyber-predators are more cunning than ever before. They are experts at generating viruses capable of morphing into different versions of themselves when detected by sophisticated antivirus programs. It’s become more of an issue than can be efficiently handled by home anti-virus systems. More than that, it’s a problem that only finds its match in an IT professional.

small business employees leave their computers unsecured
of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack never recover
  • Ensuring Compliance – Compliance is a necessary evil for many businesses and our security offerings are all completely PCI compliant. They also meet the requirements of other industry-driven regulatory guidelines.
  • Web Content Filtering – You can avoid dangerous website content with content filtering features that protect you against malware and other threats. This allows you to ensure that your employees are able to safely access and use the internet without compromising your important information and applications.
  • Protection From Viruses and Malware – Threats and vulnerabilities are minimized with virus and malware protection provided by Barracuda Networks.
  • Data Loss and Intrusion Prevention – With IT security from Parkway Tech, you can keep intruders at bay and ensure your valuable data is well protected, all as part of our managed security offerings.

Parkway Protects + Responds 

Your business is built on the foundation of trust and confidentiality. A hacker accessing critical and sensitive data from your computer systems could be disastrous. At the least, it could damage your reputation. At the worst? It could spell the end of a company you spent your entire career building.

The vast majority of the damage done in a cyberattack is due to a company not having an adequately planned out and practiced cyber security response.  If your inbox, client list, accounting tools and email were suddenly inaccessible due to an attack, would you be able to get back up and running within a matter of minutes, hours or days, or at all?  What would a 5-minute response time mean to you then?

Superior Security Services

Parkway Tech provides the security you need to work efficiently without compromising your critical information and resources. We partner with Barracuda Networks to bring you the protection you depend on, so you can feel confident your essential information and resources are safe and secure.

My Digital Shield allows us to provide you with comprehensive security measures, protecting you by filtering all incoming and outgoing traffic through the MDS cloud, keeping threats at a safe distance from your network and information.


A Comprehensive Approach

Parkway Tech is also able to provide hosted email services that ensure that you’re well protected against potential malware and other threats that could make their way into your network via email communications.

At Parkway Tech, we believe in being prepared. Taking the time to evaluate what potential issues could arise helps us in formulating a strategy to keep you protected — no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Planning for Security Success

With IT security from Parkway Tech, we have thought the potential problem and its solution through long before a hacker does. This comprehensive approach to security allows you to have complete peace of mind, knowing that Parkway Tech is on the job 24/7 to keep you protected at all times.

Security should never be taken lightly. Network and computer security are a serious issue, and we are working diligently to make sure you have the sufficient and reliable security resources you need to operate with confidence.

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