Fewer Problems

You may have had friends who are Mac enthusiasts brag about how few problems they have on their Macs. While it would be ridiculous for us to claim there are no problems on Macs, compared to Windows PCs the problems are far fewer and less severe. This means that you have fewer technology headaches to deal with, and we, as your IT company, have more time to focus on what matters in your firm – helping you increase your billable hours. 

Lower Costs

Not many people think of lower costs when they think of the Mac. Just looking at the prices for comparable PCs shows that Macs are almost always more expensive. But here’s how Macs cost your firm less. Macs last longer and run better than a similar Windows computer. An average PC might give you 4-5 years, and at the end of its life you will definitely notice how much slower it is than when you first purchased it. But the average Mac can easily last 6+ years. It’s true! Macs really do cost you less over their life, and we haven’t even addressed another way they save you money. 

Incredibly Easy to Use

With all of the settings and various interfaces, Windows PCs can be a confusing mess to use. The simplicity of Macs is a great benefit to every person in your firm. Even those comfortable with Windows computers will feel right at home on the Mac in a very short amount of time. And those people in your office who are a little more skittish when it comes to technology can rest easy knowing that they won’t have complicated menus to learn or a system that feels like it was designed for anyone but humans. One of the biggest things we here from clients who switch to the Mac is: “I didn’t know it could be this easy!”

“Our law firm has had an excellent experience working with Chris and his company. We have found the company to be highly responsive, knowledgeable, attentive to providing excellent service, and thoughtfully patient with us in a technical world often beyond our level of knowledge. They give us good solid advice.”

Mike Wells

Wells Law

“When we have a problem, they respond fast. We stay down an hour at the most, and we haven’t had that with other IT companies. If you have an office where you need computers to run, this is the way to go.”

Mike Levine

Levine Law Group

Less Risk

You know it and I know it – Windows computers have more security holes than Swiss cheese. Macs are built with security and privacy in mind, and this means that the worries about ransomware, viruses, and hackers that you have with Windows computers just aren’t there with the Macs. It’s not that Macs are immune to viruses, but not only is the total number of viruses out there that affects Macs much lower, the ways that viruses can even get on systems are much fewer. You deal with A LOT of confidential data, and keeping this data on Macs is a lot smarter than keeping it on Windows PCs. 

More Time for What You Love

Even if you’re insanely passionate about the legal work you do, there are at least some times where you’d rather be doing something else. But thanks to computer problems and a lack of mobility, you can feel chained to your desk. Macs give you more time for what you love! Not only are there fewer problems, lower costs, and less risk, but your office Mac can easily integrate with your iPhone and iPad to allow you to get outside of the office to spend time on what matters to you. And if a quick item comes up that you need to deal with, you can take care of it and get back to enjoying life outside the office. Oh, and for those really important times where you’d rather not be disturbed, just tap and notifications are disabled, allowing you to focus on enjoying yourself distraction free. 

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Written by Chris Michalec posted on November 11, 2017

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