What Can You Do When You Don’t Trust Your IT Guy?

Have you ever needed to fire an employee you didn’t trust who had access to your company’s confidential digital information? Yes, this is scary. But when it’s your IT guy, it’s a nightmare!

Can You Trust Your IT Guy?

Have you ever needed to fire an employee you didn’t trust who had access to your company’s confidential digital information? Yes, this is scary. But when it’s your IT guy, it’s a nightmare!

This is what happened to a law firm in the Triad.

They had to let their onsite tech go. He had been in charge of managing and securing all of their technology, including clients’ confidential data. But the firm’s managers became suspicious about some of the activities the tech was involved in. They no longer trusted him. The only thing they could do was ask him to leave.

Now they were concerned that he would try to retaliate and hack into their system. They needed help and contacted us.

What Did We Do To Keep Him Out Of Their IT System?

As experts in Legal IT, we know how important it is to ensure the security of private data. If the tech hacked into their system he could steal their clients’ data. This would ruin their practice and put them in jeopardy of noncompliance.

We couldn’t let this happen, so we immediately:

  • Technology Planning,
  • Solutions that align with your budget and increase your operational efficiencies,
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Planning,
  • Expert Security Planning,
  • Cloud Solutions that save you money, eliminate storage issues, and can be scaled to meet your specific requirements,
  • Spam and Email Protection,
  • And more.

Doesn’t it always seem like technology fails you when you need it most? When this happens it’s imperative that you resolve these problems and resume normal business operations as soon as possible—Time is money. It can be precarious to be so dependent on technology, but without it you just can’t compete today.

Few small businesses have either the required skills or the time to maintain and repair computers, networking equipment, or other technology. And, they can’t afford to hire dedicated, full-time employees to deal with IT maintenance. Even if they could, there isn’t enough need for a full-time expert.

So, what do they do? They try to “fix” things themselves. They find the most tech-savvy employee to double up on their duties and deal with hardware procurement, software licensing, and day-to-day IT troubles.

Trying to resolve and keep up with inevitable technology failures is no longer a simple matter. And as your business has grown, you’re probably using computers and network equipment from a variety of dealers. So, getting the support you need is more difficult.

Plus, you have to manage warranties, support contracts, and deal with finger-pointing between vendors when problems occur. Doing this on your own can be like a volcano waiting to explode. Below the surface are IT issues and vulnerabilities that can cause big problems down the road.

Do you rely on your non-IT employees to deal with technology problems? If so, it’s best to let them stay focused on their duties, and enlist the aid of expert IT support. The time and resources dedicated to managing technology problems can negatively impact employees, their stress levels, and ultimately, your customers.

The smart thing to do is to outsource your IT support to a company that makes sure all your technology stays up and running. They should be experienced in maintaining and troubleshooting desktops, laptops, servers, and network hardware. And they should have the knowledge and skills to keep things running smoothly and securely.

Large enterprises address this problem by hiring the right people for the job. They rely on experts for what they need: marketing, accounting, legal services and more. They know to leave the technical responsibilities to the experts.

If you’re worried about the cost, don’t be. The cost of outsourcing IT service and support will pay for itself because your tech issues will be addressed quickly and correctly so you can continue to focus on meeting your customers’ needs and growing your business.

Plus, you can get all your IT support and management for a fixed monthly price. A fully managed program is the best solution for small businesses, and provides the most reliability, security and quality of service. You’ll have 24×7 access to IT assistance from technicians who will provide both remote and on-site support with guaranteed response times to prevent downtime and ensure your business stays up and running.

All aspects of your network will be monitored and maintained: security, data protection applications and hardware. This optimizes your network’s performance, so it will work at peak efficiency to meet the demands of your business.

Your IT expert can also act as your CIO and IT Advisor, and help you with:

Your time is important. You have more important issues to deal with than IT problems. Outsourcing your IT support and service allows you and your employees to focus on your duties, and grow your business.

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Just ask our clients: We provide the utmost in network reliability, security and quality service. For a free, no-obligation assessment of your IT needs, call us at 336-310-9888 or email us at: sales@parkwaytech.com

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Written by Chris Michalec posted on November 16, 2018

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