Parkway Tech Is Now Your North Carolina Clio Partner

Parkway Tech Is Now Your North Carolina Clio Partner We are proud to partner with Clio and Themis Solutions to provide our legal clients with innovative solutions to enhance their productivity. Clio software products can transform how you run your law firm. You can now spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with […]

Parkway Tech Is Now Your North Carolina Clio Partner

We are proud to partner with Clio and Themis Solutions to provide our legal clients with innovative solutions to enhance their productivity. Clio software products can transform how you run your law firm. You can now spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with your clients. Clio provides the most powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based legal practice management software out there today.

Get everything you need to run your law practice, from intake to invoicing. You’ll benefit from powerful tools to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, calendars, time tracking, reporting, and accounting. Think of Clio as the background database of your practice. All of the information for every single case you work on can be stored and accessed easily in Clio’s system.

Clio is especially attractive for firms that want to build a system out of multiple tools that work together. It provides an array of options for adding functionalities through its extensive App Directory and open API. If you are shopping for law practice management software for your firm, Clio should be at the top of your list.

Here’s a Top-Level Description Of Clio’s Features

User-Friendly & Time-Saving

Clio embraces user-centered design. When you log in every day, you’re presented with The Practice Dashboard. This provides at-a-glance metrics to help you evaluate your performance. The Agenda section offers a glance at the number of Tasks and Events on your calendar for the day.

Clio was built using a single-page architecture. This means that, when you click on links to move around, the left and top navigation bars stay in place. Only the center of the page reloads, making pages load more quickly.

Another time-saving feature is global create. No matter where you are in Clio, the Create New button is visible at the top of the screen. Simply click it to add a new matter, contact, task, time entry, expense entry, or anything else.

Easy-To-Use With Simple Case Management & Unlimited Document Storage

A user-friendly layout ensures that your case information is easy to access. You no longer need to manually track and organize it. You can manage every detail of your cases from a single dashboard. Link every contact, event, task, communication, and time entry to the appropriate matter. Add notes for you and your staff. You can organize all your text, audio, and visual files for each case. Clio allows you to create, share, and store an unlimited number of documents.

Track Your Time With Ease

Clio’s Timekeeper lets you easily track time spent on a case. You can start a timer from any screen you’re working on and capture your work in real-time, ensuring it’s logged accurately for easy billing. You can also pause the timer if needed and restart it at a later time.

Streamlined Billing & Faster Payments 

Whether you bill clients based on hourly rates, flat fees, or on a contingency basis, you can set unique billing rates for individual users, practice areas, case types, tasks, or clients. With Clio, you can quickly create customized invoices and approve bills. Then, send them electronically via email or to Clio’s secure client portal (Clio Connect). 

You can quickly track the status of any unpaid bills, apply discounts to early payments, or add automatic interest calculations to late payments. The Accounts Receivable Aging Report allows you to view unpaid customer invoices by date ranges to help you keep on top of your cash flow and collections.

When it comes to collecting on outstanding balances or replenishing client trust accounts, you can set up automated online credit card payment plans to reduce your collection times and increase your cash flow. Clio Payments (powered by LawPay) makes it simple for clients to pay you any way they want (which is usually online, via a credit card). This helps you get paid faster with less need for follow-up.

Data Protection 

Data security is paramount for law firms, and Clio goes above and beyond to protect your firm’s digital information. It stores all data on high-security servers with 256-bit SSL encryption and storage redundancies to prevent data loss due to catastrophic events. It provides advanced permissions and password features to ensure only your authorized staff will have access. 

With your digital information being stored in a secure cloud, it will never go missing. This also means that you can access your data from any computer or mobile device. Even if you lose your laptop or it’s stolen, your data will be protected and there for you.

Clio Integrates With The Apps 

You Use Probably one of the best things about Clio is that they’ve developed their program so our techs can build additional tools for you that sync with it (like accounting and time tracking software). Clio offers an open application programming interface (API). This means you can plug in any other applications you want to use. Easy and convenient. 

Clio also has plugins for Gmail and Outlook, so you can associate emails with contacts and cases. With its App Directory, you can quickly find and connect your firm to over 90 leading applications that integrate directly with Clio. Integrations include Microsoft Office 365, Box, Zapier, Fastcase, QuickBooks Online, and many more. With Clio as your firm’s central platform, your practice can go deeper and further than with any other tool. And, whatever your practice specializes in, there are apps available to re-tool Clio for your specific needs.

Clio is more than law practice management software; it’s a technology platform on which you can build your law practice system. It’s that powerful. 

There are many more features about Clio that we’d like to share. Contact our Clio Experts at Parkway Technology Solutions in Winston Salem. They’ll provide a free demonstration of all of Clio’s capabilities. You can reach them at (336) 310-9888 or at

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