Law Firm IT Services For Law Offices In North Carolina

The meaning of “IT services” can vary greatly depending on who you’re asking – so when it comes to the legal industry, what should your IT services in the Carolinas look like?

Downtime, compromised data, security issues, and slow-running technology cause big headaches for today’s attorneys. After all, time is money, especially if you work under a billable-hours system.

You can’t afford to sit idle when technology doesn’t work. If your competitors use today’s more efficient IT solutions, they’ll blow right past you and take your clients away. Or worse, your counterparts will win your cases, and your reputation will suffer.

What Does Today’s IT Mean To Law Firms?

Technology helps you carry out essential tasks, exercise professional judgment, engage with and represent clients, provide advice and settle key commercial dealings.

If you view technology as an opportunity rather than a threat, your firm will prosper, and reap the rewards from your efforts. If you don’t, you could fall behind the competition.

So much of what a law firm does is reliant on technology, whether it be for maintaining records, scheduling court dates or communicating over phone and email, so be sure that you don’t set yourself up for failure with inadequate IT support.

It has quickly become common knowledge in the IT support industry that a fully managed solution is the only service model that really works for small to medium-sized firms like yours, with a range of proactive support features helping to ensure that your business technology is always running optimally.

You use technology now more than ever – at least you should be doing so. Today’s technology is invaluable, and with time, it will become even more so.

In the past, the legal profession lagged behind others with the adoption of new technology. They relied on law books and hard-copy documents, but no longer.

Technology challenges can lead to significant IT headaches, especially for small and medium-sized firms that manage their own infrastructure. They often choose the one employee who knows the most about technology to handle it all. But today, it’s impossible for a non-professional to provide the 24/7 IT support, expertise and defense-in-depth protection required today.

Even law firms with a professional IT employee struggle with their changing and increasing technology demands and the need for 24/7 IT remote management. IT headaches in the legal industry vary. But the common factor is that they are pervasive and never-ending unless they are prevented by qualified legal IT experts.

Just like other businesses, you need to streamline services to save time and process information with technology like electronic case organization, electronic spreadsheets, databases, word processing, legal research software, presentation applications and e-billing software.

When selecting your partner in legal IT, make sure you find one that will implement a range of viable IT solutions, from active monitoring to cybersecurity best practices and robust data backup.

More specifically…

What Are The Non-Negotiables Of Legal IT?

No matter who you work with for IT services, you’ll want to ensure that…

  • You comply with legal and confidentiality requirements when using technology.
  • You use appropriate technical means to minimize the risk of disclosure, discovery, or interception of communications.
  • Data and email are encrypted to protect your sensitive information.
  • You adopt management practices that offer protection against disclosure or discovery of electronically transmitted messages.

Similarly, in order to protect your firm, you need assistance to prevent…

  • Unauthorized access to your electronic data.
  • Computer viruses from damaging your data.
  • Natural or manmade disasters from affecting your IT operations.

Comprehensive and effective IT services mean you can confirm that…

  • Your files are reliably backed up and recoverable.
  • Both offsite and onsite data backups are maintained.
  • Data is restorable by performing ongoing testing.

IT services should provide…

  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity solutions
  • Internet-based business telecommunications services
  • IT consulting and assessments
  • 24/7 remote help desk support access
  • Cloud computing and Office 365
  • Mobile and tablet procurement, synchronization, and maintenance
  • Data backup, recovery, and restoration strategy
  • Business continuity

After all, is this a lot to consider? Yes. Do you have to handle it all on your own? No! The fact is that as important as each and every item on these lists is, with the right IT services, you don’t have to concern yourself with any of it.

If you have any reservations about your IT whatsoever, you can count on Parkway Tech to help you ensure your IT systems are up to date.

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Published By : Chris Michalec   On: 5 August 2018


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