Wireless Network Assessments In Winston-Salem

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Wireless Network Assessments in Winston-Salem

Wireless networks offer far more amazing benefits for individuals and businesses than traditional wired networks. As technology rapidly evolves, so does the demand for wireless networks. We no longer want to connect to a network with just one computer when it is more efficient to connect additional devices and gadgets that can serve as an extension of the traditional desktop. However, as our demand for wireless connectivity grows, there is even greater pressure to ensure the systems remain secure and reliable.

Wireless Network Assessments in Winston-Salem can help determine if the current state of your network is meeting your goals and demands for business growth and success. It is necessary to holistically evaluate a network system as a total rather than as individual components to get a complete picture of how it interoperates and how various features influence its performance.

Wireless Network Assessments Winston Salem

What Is A Wireless Network Assessment?

Wireless networks offer organizations new opportunities, increase efficiency and accessibility, and help with cost savings. However, they can also be a backdoor to your critical IT infrastructure, making you a target for hackers and corporate espionage. However, a Wireless Network Assessment can help create a secure, reliable, and high-performance wireless network experience. The analysis of your current wireless network identifies how environmental, architectural, and configuration factors affect the performance and functionality of your network system.

A network assessment comprises two parts: infrastructure assessment and wireless survey. You can perform either at a go, but in most cases, both are needed for a sufficient analysis. For example, you can call for a Wireless Network Assessment if you feel your network is not performing how you need it to or when you are experiencing problems such as connectivity issues and interference. However, the assessment can also be done just for reassurance so that you can have peace of mind knowing the network is performing optimally.

There are several items that a network assessment will look out for in your network. These include

  • The Radio Frequency coverage and capacity design of your network and how your access points are distributed throughout your location.
  • The Radio Frequency environment and how it can affect the performance of your wireless network.
  • The physical installation, such as how the access points and antennas have been mounted and oriented.
  • Inspection of the cabling layout that supports the access point to the network.
  • Reviewing of the WLAN design and configuration that administers the system. This may include power settings, data rates, number of broadcast SSIDs, channel arrangement, and other factors that could affect the performance of a network system.
  • Inspection of integrated components and network services like DHCP and DNS.

Benefits of Wireless Network Assessments in Winston-Salem

Getting an assessment of your wireless network will help you get absolute value from your wireless network. This is achieved through various benefits that include:

Gives Insights into Your Network’s Strengths and Weaknesses

An evaluation of your IT infrastructure, processes, performance and security can help you discover the capabilities and shortcomings of your network. An assessment is an essential part of improving your organization’s network. It directs what needs to be changed or improved to increase efficiency and enhance security. For example, if your network has speed issues, an assessment will reveal which users, devices, or applications are using up the most bandwidth and which parts of the network. Stakeholders can then make informed decisions using the results from a network assessment rather than try different solutions blindly. In the long run, this is cost-effective and also minimizes operation downtime.

Identify Hardware Issues that are Interfering with Network Performance

Sometimes, hardware can disrupt the performance of your network. If it is the case, an assessment will help identify which hardware is problematic and what needs to be done. It can also point to any firmware that needs updating.

At a glance, it is hard to tell what needs replacement or requires an update. So, to properly prioritize your budget for new equipment and upgrades, you need to eliminate guesswork and establish what exactly needs to be done.

Identify Bottlenecks That Are Stifling Performance

Several issues could be affecting the performance of your network. For as long as the problems are unresolved, the efficiency of your network suffers greatly. Most people make the mistake of simply expanding the bandwidth anytime their network slows down, but this does not always fix the problem. It could be connectivity, software, or even hardware issue. And until the issue is identified and resolved, the performance of your network will remain stifled.

Through network assessment in Winston-Salem, the bottlenecks in your system can be identified and limited to getting your networking performing optimally.

Creates a Baseline for Normal Performance

Network administrators need to establish performance standards to recognize when something is wrong with the network quickly. However, a performance baseline is not a one-time thing. By evaluating network performance at regular intervals, administrators can compare the current network status to the typical network’s performance over time and identify any performance below the expected. This way, admins can anticipate problems and react in good time.

Documents Findings for Future Use

After a network assessment, you will get a lot of data on different aspects of your network. Most companies that offer assessment services will also compile a report on all the findings generated. The report can cover several things, including a detailed asset report, risk summary, and mitigation plans specific to your network. Organizations can use all the data and documents to create a roadmap for improving their network. Then, for any decision to be made, stakeholders can refer back to the documented findings for backup.

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