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Ready to Upgrade? Get Windows 11 Support in Winston-Salem and Greensboro

The next-generation Windows 11 is set to roll out starting late 2021, according to Microsoft. It’s been six years since Microsoft launched Windows 10, and yet again, the PC world is gearing up for the next significant shift. However, the arrival of the new operating system has been marred with confusion and uncertainties, especially with regards to hardware requirements.

At Parkway Tech Managed Services, we’ve taken a proactive approach to research Windows 11, test the pre-release versions of the software (when available), and prepare our IT specialists to work with clients on upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 10. It’s the best way to alleviate fears and prepare our Winston-Salem and Greensboro clients ahead of time for the new upgrade.

How to Get Ready For Windows 11

Upgrading to a new operating system should always be approached with caution. There is always a risk of running into bugs and system incompatibilities. That’s why Microsoft has opened up a preview window to allow users and developers to test the OS before the official launch later in the year. Parkway Tech closely monitors the situation and tests the software to be better suited to offer technical support for Windows 11. You don’t want to jump into a product that will crash your computer and cause you to lose crucial data. So, here are some ways to prepare for the new software upgrade:

1: Checking the Compatibility

The first step to prepare for Windows 11 upgrade is to check your current machine’s software and hardware specs for compatibility with the new OS. One way of checking for compatibility is to run Windows 11 using the official PC Health Check app (although it has been suspended till later in the year) or manually figure it out on your own.

Whichever method you choose, the minimum requirements for Windows 11 are as follows:

•    CPU: System on a Chip (SoC) or 1 GHz with two cores
•    RAM: 4 GB
•    Memory Capacity: 64 GB
•    Trusted Platform Module (TPM): version 2.0
•    Firmware: Secure Boot and UEFI
•    Graphics card: DirectX 12 that supports WDDM 2.0 driver.
•    Display: Over 9″ with HD resolution of 720p and 8 bits per color channel.

Also, note that internet connectivity is needed to perform system updates and to use or download some features. For instance, Windows 11 Home edition requires a Microsoft account and internet connectivity to complete the device setup for the first use. You also need internet connectivity to switch a device from Windows 11 Home in S mode.

If your current machine doesn’t meet these minimum system requirements, you’ll need to make further preparations by upgrading your hardware or software accordingly. You can either purchase a PC that meets these specs but runs Windows 10 and upgrade to Win11 once it comes out, or simply hold on and buy a new device with Win11 pre-installed later in the year.

Besides the 1 GHz dual-core processor requirement, check Microsoft’s compatible CPU list to ensure Windows 11 will smoothly run on your device. For example, AMD Ryzen users will need at least Ryzen 3 2300X processor while Intel’s Core users will need at least an 8th-gen processor, such as Intel Core i3-8100. Additionally, you need to enable Secure Boot and TPM protection in BIOS.

2: Backing up Your PC

By upgrading to Windows 11, all your data and files will transfer by default. However, it’s better to take precautions by backing up your data before installing Windows 11. Microsoft recommends backing up files to OneDrive. Unfortunately, the free storage of OneDrive is just 5GB. So, if your files are larger than 5GB, consider subscribing to extra OneDrive storage or backing up your crucial files on local drives.

3: Preparing a Budget

Upgrading to Windows 11 is free of charge, provided you are running the latest Windows 10 and your device is compatible with Windows 11. However, getting a fresh installation of Windows 11 means that you’ll need to invest in a Windows 11 installation media whose cost is still unknown. So, you need to set aside some funds to purchase new PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed, and you can bet the price will be slightly higher.

4: Pretesting Windows 11

To experience Windows 11 operating system ahead of others, consider joining the Windows Insider program. All you need is to sign into the program and install the upgrade. Even after the official release, you’ll need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the new version. For users who have done the compatibility test, certain Windows 10 devices return errors such as ‘This PC Cannot Fix Run Windows 11.’ This is mainly due to Secure Boot and TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0).

Overall, Windows 11 is compatible with AMD processors (Ryzen, EPYC, and Athlon) and 8th-gen Intel processors and above. Fortunately, Parkway Tech Managed Services is doing most of these pre-tests and can offer Windows 11 Support for your business in Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

Windows 11 Support In Winston-Salem & Greensboro

If your machine meets the baseline requirements to run Win11, consider signing up for the Windows Insider Program to download the update. You can also hold on till the official release to get a free update for eligible Windows 10 users. Once it’s available, you’ll have the option to download directly via the Windows Update tool or download a standalone update file from Microsoft.

So, if you plan to upgrade to the new Windows operating system, our experts at Parkway Tech Managed Services can help you avoid potential bugs and system incompatibility issues. We will ensure that your valuable data and files are properly backed up to protect you in the event of bugs in this initial release. Not every IT service provider in the area goes through such preparation work for a major Windows release. No wonder we are the leading Microsoft support organization in Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

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