What’s New With Microsoft 365

For roughly three decades, Microsoft has been shaping the tech industry. So it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular brands globally, producing hardware, software, operating systems, and other solutions.

Microsoft 365 | The Updates You Need to Know

For roughly three decades, Microsoft has been shaping the tech industry. So it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular brands globally, producing hardware, software, operating systems, and other solutions.

Data suggests that 85% of fortune 100 firms use Microsoft Azure, and 70% of fortune 500 companies use Microsoft 365. And in total, the number of Teams users across the globe exceeds 115 million.

One of the reasons Microsoft has managed to become and remain a leader in this sector is by continually improving its products and services. Every so often, the company releases updates to allow companies and users to get more value from Microsoft’s suite of products.

And this is currently the Case with Microsoft 365. If you’re a Microsoft 365 user, this is a must-read article. You’ll learn about the September 2022 Microsoft 365 updates impacting businesses in Winston-Salem, NC.


One of the key changes you’ll notice with Microsoft 365 is support for Folders and Rules. By using Outlook on the web, you’ll be able to create folders and rules from within Microsoft 365 Groups mailbox. This update will not be automatically installed and is due to roll out from early September to mid-October.

Some of the things you’ll enjoy with this update include:

  • The ability to use Outlook web to create folders inside the Groups section in the mail area
  • It will be much easier to copy and move messages across different folders in the Group

Along with this update will be support for Rules inside Groups mailboxes. These allow you to set conditions that govern how incoming Group mails will be organized.

For users to access this feature, admins must enable it for their tenant. Moreover, they can give group owners the option to enable permissions for members to:

  • Copy, move, and delete messages
  • Create groups
  • Create/manage rules

To enable this option, an admin must use the PowerShell command IsGroupMemberAllowedToEditContent. Upon doing this, a toggle to enable or disable will appear for Group owners to set member permissions at the group level.


Another element of Microsoft 365 that will benefit from updates is Teams. Here are some of the improvements you can expect on Microsoft Teams:

1. View Up to 49 Videos (77) During Teams Meetings

When using the default screen setting on Gallery view when using Microsoft Teams meetings, you can only have a maximum of 9 videos (3×3). If you need more videos on the screen, you have to manually update the settings to choose the ‘Large Gallery’ view.

However, with the new update, this will not be necessary. Without any tweaks to the settings, you’ll have up to 49 videos (7×7) on your screen. This update is expected to be launched in early October. But even still, you’ll have the option of also choosing the Gallery and Large Gallery views.

2. Choose Download Location for Teams

One of the key features of Microsoft Teams is that it supports downloads. This allows you to keep copies of key documents colleagues upload during meetings. However, all downloads in Microsoft Teams currently go to the Downloads folder automatically.

Depending on the specific download, you may want to save it in the most appropriate location. This is one of the things you can expect with Microsoft Teams downloads going forward. After the update goes live, it will be possible to choose custom download destinations.

You’ll find this new setting under settings and more> Settings>Files. A toggle will appear, and you can use it to select the destination for each download.

While this feature is already available in Teams public preview, it will be officially launched any time from early September to late October.

3. Exiting Meetings on All Devices Will be Much Easier

For one reason or another, you may join meetings on Teams using multiple devices. If that’s the case, you’ve probably noticed that leaving such meetings or calls on all devices can be problematic.

Microsoft Teams will now have a feature that makes this much easier. When you join a meeting using multiple devices, there’ll be a prompt that you can select to leave the call or meeting on all devices. Android, desktop, and iOS clients will begin enjoying this feature anytime from early September.

4. Live Translated Captions

During meetings, it’s not always possible to hear everything clearly, or you may have trouble with some accents. And asking people to keep repeating what they’ve just said can disrupt the meeting and is also not polite.

To help with this, Microsoft Teams has a great Live Captions feature allowing you to read what is being said in real-time. However, Microsoft now wants to take it to another level by introducing Live Translated Captions. This will allow you to read what is being said in your preferred language from mid-September to early October.


OneDrive is a vital element of Microsoft365 as it helps you keep files secure and organized. But even still, Microsoft is finding ways to improve it.

1. A New Activity Column in OneDrive ‘My Files’ List View

If you collaborate or share files with others, keeping track of the changes is essential. To help with this, there’ll be a new Activity column in the OneDrive My Files list view. This feature will make viewing any activity on your files easier by surfacing the information.

You can see activities such as edits, comments, mentions, and shares by scrolling over files you’re working on with others. While this feature was initially slated for release in August, it’s now due in mid-September.

2. Updated Sharing Menu

When collaborating with others on projects, it will be necessary to share files. While OneDrive has had limited sharing options, something that will soon change. You’ll have additional sharing options from mid to late September once you click the share button.

Take Advantage of the Small Gains

In the current business ecosystem, efficiency is vital. So while these updates by Microsoft may seem minute, they can significantly streamline operations if used well. But beyond this, you also need to invest in strengthening your IT environment.

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