What Is The Modern Workplace?

You’ve probably heard the term before. But do you know what it actually means? Here’s how achieving a modern workplace will help your business grow.

What Makes A Business A Modern Workplace?

What does it mean to have a modern workplace? For most people, it means finding an office at a fancy address and equipping it with the latest furniture. Unfortunately, that’s not all it takes to create a truly modern workplace.

What does the modern workplace really mean? As a leading managed IT services provider (MSP), we are asked this question all the time. Over the years, many businesses across North Carolina have reached out to us, asking for ways to modernize their workplaces. Why? It’s because they recognize the modern workplace as the change their organizations need to reach the next level.

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Our IT experts at Parkway Tech wrote this article to help you discover the true meaning of the modern workplace and how it will transform your business. We realize that keeping up with all the recent technological advancements can be challenging. So, let’s break it down for you.

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Defining The Modern Workplace

Unfortunately, merely upgrading your office furniture won’t make your workplace modern. Swapping your dated equipment for the newest model or introducing new software won’t do the trick either.

To modernize your workplace, you need to move away from traditional IT systems and adopt the latest technologies that enhance your communication and collaboration. A good example is cloud technologies, which enable your staff to work anywhere on any device and anytime.

However, the key to modernizing your workplace isn’t the technology. Success ultimately hinges on your desire to embrace the latest technologies and digital collaboration as tools to grow your business.

What Are The Features Of The Modern Workplace?

In the modern workplace, you and your staff can work anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Each of these features is interconnected. How? Let’s take a closer look.

You Can Work From Anywhere

You’re probably familiar with the traditional work model where everybody has to get up every day and commute to work. As a result, most people lived close to where they worked.

Over recent years, however, this has quickly become a thing of the past. The rise in the popularity of mobile devices and wireless connectivity means you can get work done wherever you are. More employees are now looking to leverage this flexibility to remain productive even on the go.

You Can Work Any Time

The typical workday used to run from 9-5. But as businesses become more global, our work lives are now more hectic.

You might have to start working early in the morning with someone at the end of their workday. Conversely, you might have an urgent late-night phone call with somebody who just started their workday.

You Can Work On Any Device

Portable devices have become smaller and more powerful over the past few years. We take our smartphones and tablets with us wherever we go.

These days, it’s the equivalent of having a minicomputer with you all the time. The modern worker needs to be able to choose their preferred mobile device for optimum efficiency.

Your Staff Can Collaborate In Real-Time

In a modern workplace, employees work together in real-time. They don’t have to wait for extended periods before making their contributions.

For instance, employees working together on spreadsheets can edit them in real-time. Their output will be significantly improved as they can exchange ideas.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Modern Workplace?

Your Workforce Will Be Mobile

Your staff will be able to work from different physical locations. You no longer need the physical workspace to bind your mobile workforce.

Instead, these days, project management platforms like Slack channels, can be used to unite your employees wherever they may be. Alternatively, you could simply share documents via google. Getting work done remotely is expected to be the norm rather than the exception in years to come.

Your Data Will Be More Secure

The past few years have seen the rise of IoT (Internet of Things), whereby several devices are connected both to each other and the internet. This presents a massive network security risk.

For the most part, such devices lack the memory and computing power needed to exploit the latest security solutions. You should, therefore, treat any current and future IoT devices with special care. However, you should maintain a sensible approach to your network security. Although your network needs to be safeguarded against hackers, it should also be accessible to your staff.

You’ll Pull Ahead Of The Competition

Digitization is arguably one of the best ways to boost workplace productivity. Surprisingly, the bulk of the economy still hasn’t caught up with this trend. Companies looking to the future have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the digital transformation to rise above the competition.

You’ll Exploit The Cloud More Effectively

Your business is probably already taking part in cloud technologies in some way. For example, you may opt to leverage Amazon Web Services to store your data rather than storing it on-site.

Or you could be storing client records more efficiently through SaaS solutions such as Salesforce. Whatever the case, you’re part of a growing wave of businesses becoming more reliant on accessing various off-site web services.

You’ll Have Greater Collaboration

Collaboration means having everyone working together seamlessly to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

For example, applications such as Microsoft Teams offers a centralized network for groups of employees to work together on projects. Another example is Basecamp, which enables teams to be aware of each person’s role so they can collaborate efficiently.

Are You Ready to Modernize Your Workplace?

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