Top Five Technology Policies EVERY Employer Should Have!

Top 5 Technology Policies Book

Traditional SOP Policies Don’t Hold Up with New Demands / Remote Workers

As companies begin to slowly reopen, changes like remote workers have raised big questions in liability and compliance. Technology and HR policies have to be in place to show best practices and documentation when issues arise. Begin to protect yourself with things like acceptable use policies, updated employee separation procedures, password management policies, multi-factor authentication, data storage guidelines and even a cybersecurity incident response plan.


Get simple, user facing, standard operating procedures that can be sent, signed and legally used to hold someone accountable when incidents occur. Make policies and procedures align with clearly delivered, signed employee responsibilities.

Then you’re protected.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your policies clear and consistent for employees about using company hardware and software? Can you prove it?
  • Do you have an offsite backup and is it encrypted? Is your backup external instead?
  • Do you know how to access your backup AND who owns that duty?
  • What assurances and testings have you done and what best practices are in place? Is that on paper?
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Do you know what to do in cases of data breach, ransomware, fire, theft or power surges that take out both your devices AND backups?

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