Switching IT Companies in Winston-Salem

Switching IT companies in Winston-Salem doesn’t have to be a hassle. Work with Parkway Tech and discover how easy the process can be.

How to make Switching Winston-Salem IT Companies Easier

As your IT needs change, you may need to switch IT companies. This decision can be because of growth that the IT firm cannot support, dissatisfaction with your current provider, or the IT company going out of business. The business life-changing event causes another challenge for you — the difficulty of switching IT companies.

Many companies switch IT companies without a hitch, while some experience difficulties during the change. Your IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting your operations. Ensuring you have a smooth transition is necessary.

Clients always ask Parkway Tech how they can switch IT companies without experiencing challenges. Parkway Tech is a leading provider of IT solutions for organizations across North Carolina. This article will help you have a smooth transition to the new IT company.

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Problems Your Firm Can Face If You Switch IT Companies without a Plan

Ensure the switch is smooth to avoid the following problems.

  • Service Gaps: it takes time before your new IT company becomes conversant with your network. You need to account for this period in your plan. Failing to strategize for it can lead to disruptions of your operations. You may lack IT support when your business needs it.
  • Unidentified Backdoors: your outgoing IT company has some access to your system. The decision to switch IT companies may not bode well with them. If your change does not close all their entry paths, they can retaliate by causing significant outages or breaches.
  • Missing Information: failing to account for everything during the switch can lead to loss of data. This loss can be because of sabotage or accidental. Losing information may disrupt your operations.
  • Choosing the Wrong Company: the change can lead you to a similar predicament or a worse one. The switch to a new IT company may lead to more frustrations if you do not plan for it.

Signs of a Good IT Company

Find a company with the following signs.

  • The Company’s Vision Aligns With Your Firm’s Goals: your business is growing. The new company should be able to meet your changing needs. Having to replace an IT company every few months or years can be challenging. Choose a company with forecasts that will ensure that they can offer IT support as you develop.
  • The IT Company Treats Your Arrangement as a Partnership: the new IT company should not just look at your business as a transactional agreement. They should meet their contractual obligations, and they should look for extra opportunities for you to use their IT support to achieve your goals.
  • The Company Takes Cybersecurity Seriously: many companies change IT companies because the outgoing IT firm did not secure their data or network. Attacks by cybercriminals may have caused substantial data or financial losses. The new firm needs to take cybersecurity seriously. They should show you a comprehensive plan of how they will protect your information and system.
  • The IT firm delivers tangible results: the value the new company offers should not be arbitrary. They should show how you will enjoy the partnership using real projections. The firm should answer questions you have regarding their performance.
  • The IT Company Has Reliable Support: being unable to reach your IT company when you need them can be stressful. Their unavailability can lead to frustrations, losses, and disruption of your operations. The new firm should provide active communication channels and guide you on what to do if you cannot reach them.
  • The Company Prepares for Disasters: while the goal is to minimize IT support failure risks, you may still experience some unforeseen challenges. A good IT company has comprehensive preparations for these moments. They can ensure you have minimum losses, and you can get the IT support back.

Steps You Need to Follow as You Switch IT Companies

Follow these steps to switch IT companies with minimum IT support failure risks.

  1. Wait before you cancel your agreement with the outgoing IT company. You should first ink a deal with your new IT firm and have a transition plan before the cancellation.
  2. Ensure you have admin privileges for all your networks, accounts, and data. Get a master list of all login credentials and passwords. Resist any opposition you get from your IT firm.
  3. Get a new company to assess your infrastructure. This assessment should ensure there are no backdoors into your system. The outgoing IT firm may exploit these vulnerabilities to cause substantial losses as retaliation for switching to a new IT company.
  4. Cancel the service from the outgoing IT company when you have IT support from the new firm.
  5. Keep your staff apprised of the change to ensure they know new protocols and other relevant details.

How Parkway Tech Can Help You as You Switch IT Companies

Parkway Tech is a reliable provider of IT solutions for firms in North Carolina. We strive to offer the best support to help you leverage IT to pursue your goals. Our services include information systems management, cybersecurity, and strategic technology solutions. We tailor these services to suit the needs of our clients from various sectors.

Parkway Tech can help you successfully change your IT company. Our team of experts will consult with you to ensure the new firm addresses your concerns that necessitated the switch. We will inform you of the risks involved and work out measures to protect you from IT support failure risks.

Are You Ready for a Successful Switch of IT Companies?

Switching IT companies may scare you. The progress often goes well for many organizations. Some experience challenges, especially if they do not follow a comprehensive plan. Parkway Tech can help you ensure the switch meets your expectations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transition to a new IT company with minimum IT support failure risk.

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