When Is It Time to Switch IT Companies?

Switching IT companies can help you enjoy the benefits of IT support, but when should you do it? This article will help you discover when you should change IT companies.

Getting stuck with the wrong IT company can be a miserable experience for you and your team. You may have frustrations and not enjoy the benefits of IT support. The wrong IT company does not provide the IT support you need to achieve your objectives.

Knowing when to switch IT companies can save you from frustrations and ensure you achieve your objectives. Will you want to work with an IT company that will not satisfy your IT needs?

Clients often ask Parkway Tech when and how they should change IT companies. Parkway Tech provides top IT services and support in Winston-Salem, Greensboro & the Triad. This article will help you discover when you should switch IT companies.

Signs You Should Change IT Companies

When should you switch IT companies?

It would be best if you switch IT companies when you notice any of these seven signs.

You Experience Recurring Issues

The IT company does not fix problems with your IT system that you report to them. For example, they do not take care of downtimes or slow networks. You may notify them, and they promise to address your concerns. They do not take care of them or offer temporary solutions.

Recurring issues can frustrate you and your employees. You will not have the morale to handle your activities. The ongoing problem can also lead to avoidable losses. Switching your IT company can ensure these recurring difficulties become things of the past.

Your IT Company Does Not Prioritize Cybersecurity

The IT company neglects your cybersecurity, making your organization have network vulnerabilities and susceptible to cyberattacks. For example, the IT company does not keep up with changing cybersecurity risks. You may notice other organizations’ IT support equip them with some protocols to protect them from new threats. Your company does not introduce these measures to secure your IT infrastructure.

Neglecting cybersecurity makes you vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cyberattacks can cause many challenges, such as financial losses, downtimes, and damage to your company’s reputation. Statistics show that 68 percent of organizations feel cybersecurity risks are increasing. Switching to an IT company that prioritizes cybersecurity can ensure your IT infrastructure is secure.

Your IT Company Always Markets Its Products Instead of Listening to You

Attempts to contact your IT company for clarification or solutions fail. For example, the company does not address your problems when you reach out to them. They treat the exchange as a marketing opportunity and attempt to sell their packages. The IT company’s employees can give little or no attention to your concerns.

Dealing with an IT company that does not listen and always tries to sell you their products can be frustrating. Your problems will continue, and you will not get answers that can help you in your decision making. Switching to an IT company that listens to you can help solve your issues and eliminate your IT support frustrations.

Your IT Company Sends Invoices With Hidden Charges

The IT company does not charge a fee that you expected, as their tariffs have hidden figures that raise your IT support costs. For example, they may charge you for work they did without your consent. They may also have been unclear on what your IT support agreement or their fees cover.

Getting bills from your IT company that you did not budget for can hurt your financial standing. It can be a significant problem if you are a small or medium organization with scarce economic resources. You may need to sacrifice essential functions to pay the IT company. Do you want unexpected expenses to disrupt your budget? Switching IT companies can ensure you work with a reliable company that can help you budget for your prosperity.

Your IT Company Often Sends Different Specialists

The IT company may regularly change experts they send to your organization. These changes can be because the IT company has a high employee turnover rate, which can jeopardize operations. They may lose personnel to help you during a crisis.

Changing your IT support team can affect your business. You will not have people with experience in dealing with your IT network. The new staff will also need time to familiarize themselves with your IT needs. Switching your IT company can ensure you enjoy familiar faces offering your IT support.

Your IT Company Does Not Provide Proactive IT Support

The IT company offers reactive IT support, as they do not identify problems or opportunities early. For example, they may not do maintenance and checks on your network. This failure can cause problems and result in avoidable losses. The IT company can also not introduce innovations to your organizations to help you achieve your objectives or gain a competitive edge.

Working with an IT company that is not proactive may not help your organization. Problems that the IT company should have identified early will cause substantial losses and downtimes. You will also not adopt innovations that might have helped your company. Switching IT companies can ensure you deal with a proactive provider.

Your IT Company Does Not Help You Comply With Regulations

The IT company may not be familiar with your industry’s IT regulations or neglect them.  They do not help you develop compliant practices or have an infrastructure that will not get you into trouble. For example, your IT company may not help your medical facility comply with HIPAA Rules and Regulations.

Failure to comply with IT regulations can land your organization in trouble. Regulatory authorities may suspend your operations or impose hefty fines. These penalties can affect your organization’s reputation. Switching IT companies can ensure you work with an IT company that helps you comply with regulations, saving you from these consequences.

Parkway Tech provides IT services and support to organizations. We offer various services, such as cybersecurity, strategic IT solutions, managed IT services, and IT consulting.

Contact us when it is time for you to switch IT companies. We offer reliable, customized IT services that will help you achieve your objectives. You will not have frustrations from our IT support, and our proactive approach ensures you avoid problems and enjoy opportunities.

Are You Ready to Switch IT Companies?

Contact us today and let us provide the IT support you need to reach new heights.

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Written by Chris Michalec posted on December 6, 2020

If you are thinking of switching IT companies but aren’t sure where to start, contact us now.