Scalable IT Support and Cybersecurity Solutions by Parkway Tech in Winston-Salem

Technology and cybersecurity are popular topics in the 21st century. Interestingly, this trend will not stop in the foreseeable future.

Scalable IT Support and Cybersecurity Solutions by Parkway Tech in Winston-Salem

Technology and cybersecurity are popular topics in the 21st century. Interestingly, this trend will not stop in the foreseeable future. Organizations and businesses in America and worldwide leverage computer technology to boost efficiency, productivity, profitability, and business agility. Winston-Salem companies and corporates are no exception.

But the inevitable increase in the use of computer technology, and the internet, have consequently led to an increase in cybercrime prevalence.

The menace is a universal problem as no one wants their systems, information, networks, and data compromised. Closer here, a local Winston-Salem radio recently hosted Chris Michalec, the founder, and CEO of Parkway Tech, on these topics, concerns, and solutions.

The following is the details of Chris Michalec’s interview on WTOB’S Small Business Spotlight program.

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About Chris Michalec

Notably, Chris Michalec developed an interest in computers at a tender age. He discloses to listeners on WTOB radio that at about 14, and while still in school, he was already an intern at a small computer repair company in East and West Carolina.

Even up to the late 1990s, computer repair companies were the highest level of local technology companies that you could come across. Chris continued to work with the local company during his school holidays and earned some tokens from what he loved doing and learned a lot about computer basics. It is here that he learned about the computer business and how to treat and make customers satisfied.

Years later, Chris moved to Ohio, where he also took up jobs with a chain of computer stores. And when he moved to Virginia and noticed the glaring absence of any proper computer store, he founded Parkway Tech.

About Parkway Tech

Founded in 2008 by Chris Michalec, Parkway Tech continues to deliver reliable tech solutions to its clients across Winston and the entire Southeast United States. It started as a computer repair and sales shop but has since metamorphosed into a reputable managed IT services provider. It delivers high-end tech solutions to small and medium enterprises that cannot maintain a professional IT department.

Parkway Tech values accountability and professionalism. For that reason, it treats client businesses as they would treat their own. The company understands that every business has unique needs and works hand in hand with decision-makers to provide solution-based services to each partner.

Parkway Tech Services

While Parkway Tech offers various services, including strategic IT planning, cloud solutions, IT management, and dark web monitoring, Chris Michalec emphasized their comprehensive cybersecurity programs.

He noted that since cybersecurity is a threat to most growing and established businesses’ livelihoods, they do not just set your systems and leave them. Instead, the company ensures that your IT services stay reliable and secure 24/7/365.

The cloud-based entity understands the value you put into important information and will work relentlessly to secure your data, workstations, and networks. The experts at Parkway Tech aim to safeguard your systems and minimize vulnerabilities by protecting, detecting, and responding to online threats that arise.

The company does this through the following measures;

Compliance Management and Staff Support

Chris acknowledges that a big percentage of cybersecurity attacks come through deception. In many cases, attackers compromise unsuspecting or non-compliant employees who end up sharing vital information that they later use to breach your systems.

The company will furnish your employees with the right skills and knowledge to safely use technology and eliminate possible risks. This often an ongoing process that aims to help corporates comply with regulations that can help them avoid legal liabilities and maintain the necessary cybersecurity standards.

Email Security

Email security is an elaborate process that involves an array of techniques and procedures for protecting email accounts, communication, and email contents. Simultaneously, emails remain the greatest method that cybercriminals use to deliver various attacks, including phishing, malware, and spam.

Parkway Tech capitalizes on email encryption, email filtering, and email disguising to ensure that you and your team operate in a safe email environment. According to Chris, the company understands the critical nature of emails. It will work together with your team to establish email security policies and ensure that your team complies with email security best practices.

Web Content Filtering

Interestingly, businesses and organizations can reliably avoid dangerous website content through proven content filtering mechanisms to protect your data and systems from malware, ransomware, and other forms of threats.
The process aims at ensuring that you and your staff access and use the internet without possible breaches. Such a measure ensures that you do not compromise important applications, data, and information.

Network Security and Password Management

All businesses operate on certain tech networks. These networks are always at risk and will inevitably impact the safety and continuity of your business. Parkways Tech provides reliable network security and network vulnerability management solutions to protect your company network against potential attacks.

The solutions around network protection and vulnerability management revolve around strict use of access controls, 24/7 intrusion monitoring, and expert use of firewalls. Through the proactive use of sophisticated tools to analyze your networks and remediate threats, you stand to benefit from uninterrupted uptimes.

Patching, Antivirus, And Firewalls

Your computers, routers, cameras, printers, thermostats, and other IoT devices need consistent patching to stay productive and reliable. The process involves installing specific software updates that help in fixing known vulnerabilities.

Antivirus software also continuously and identify malicious programs such as worms or viruses. While they may not be perfect, they will reliably identify and quarantine known malware. At the same time, firewalls are rules that scan all your connections and block threats.

Final Words

Parkway Tech is a growing company and is always looking for individuals interested in technology to take up employment opportunities. They continue to offer amazing tech bundles to their clients. The company’s cybersecurity bundles include security, software, and best practices. Besides, customers can choose between a starter or advanced level.

Chris Michalec took the time to advise anyone interested in taking a technology career to focus on cybersecurity as that’s now more marketable. There were 400,000 unfulfilled cybersecurity positions in the US alone.

You can contact us at Parkway Tech for reliable and scalable IT solutions.

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