Private Cloud Services For Winston-Salem CPA Firms

What does it mean if your firm wants to begin offering cloud-based services to clients? Let’s look at how cloud computing works, why you need it, and what it means to your CPA firm.

Private Cloud Services For Winston-Salem CPA Firms

Gone are the days when CPA firms relied on pen and paper and other on-site resources to do their books. Today, many CPAs use software applications hosted in cloud computing environments to complete such accounting tasks as time tracking software, payroll processing, forms preparation, etc.

As a result of this new technology, more CPAs who traditionally worked alone or with smaller teams have grabbed perfect opportunities to scale their operations while keeping costs down. But what exactly is hosting virtualized systems in data centers? How can it benefit businesses like yours? What does it mean if your firm wants to begin offering cloud-based services to clients? Let’s look at how cloud computing works, why you need it, and what it means to your CPA firm.

Cloud Computing: A Brief Introduction

So what is cloud computing anyway? Simply put, it refers to computer system software and hardware that run over the Internet instead of locally. Software and databases reside in remote data centers rather than being stored on individual computers — thus reducing costs and complexities associated with managing an organization’s information technology infrastructure.

And as you may have guessed, there are two types of cloud: private and public cloud. With a private cloud, companies host and maintain privately controlled servers in secure locations that operate independently. The advantage of this approach is that the company enjoys complete control over its hosting environment.

On the flip side, in a public cloud, the customer rents space in a third-party facility where multiple organizations share server capacity. Our primary focus for this article is private cloud computing and how it can benefit your CPA firm.

Why does Your CPA Firm need Private Cloud Services?

Let’s say you run your own practice, and you’ve been using QuickBooks Online Accounting Solution. Your accountant prepares all of your tax returns and bills you electronically. Now you want to try out some new software tools like CRM and NetSuite ERP. If you were relying solely on the local installation of QuickBooks, it would be difficult and costly to migrate those files into another program or even just add them to another network drive.

However, by installing these programs online, they remain accessible through a web browser without requiring any changes to your internal IT architecture. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; discover more awe-inspiring benefits of private cloud for CPA firms in the section below.

Benefits of Private Cloud for CPA Firms

If you’re still doubtful of whether you need a private cloud solution, you may make up your mind after discovering the benefits it can bring to your accounting firm. These include:


Private cloud services allow firms to expand quickly without worrying about adding new equipment or hiring additional staff. There’s no more worry about upgrading licenses or setting up new user accounts. Everything happens automatically when you request more storage, bandwidth, or processing power.


Since cloud services providers keep redundant copies of data around the clock, many challenges associated with operating a traditional IT environment disappear. Instead of manually backing up data, vendors offer “automatic replication” options. These features ensure your information is always safe and ready for use.

Improved Security 

Since information stored on a secure server is protected by encryption algorithms and protocols – unlike physical files saved on your hard drive – cloud security becomes less of a concern. As long as you know how to configure your virtual machine properly, you should never face problems accessing sensitive data online.


By utilizing cloud services, firms gain the ability to scale their infrastructures rapidly as business requirements change. They also enjoy the flexibility to move workloads between platforms or applications at will. Vendors often allow customers to mix and match different types of cloud services so that firms can choose only the components best suited to meet specific needs.

Costs Control

Cloud computing solutions are way less expensive than in-house systems because they typically do not require set-up costs or ongoing maintenance. When you’re paying for a few hours of work instead of several thousand dollars worth of hardware, it makes sense to outsource your entire IT operation. Wouldn’t you agree?

Increased Mobility

A private cloud is ideal if you want your team members to access the latest software versions from anywhere. It also provides flexibility to help workers transition between different locations. Employees can easily collaborate remotely regardless of their workstation. They can even access company data while they’re off-site at hotels, airports, and other locales. Additionally, since cloud-based technologies require little to no installation or set-up time, the ability to access systems with minimal downtime will always remain a priority.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Private cloud solutions allow you to store all of your vital data in one place – meaning you’ll never lose critical records again. But it doesn’t end there. You also gain the opportunity to back up this data using a reliable method such as an external SAN device. Should anything happen to your original equipment, you’ll still be able to recover and protect everything through the backup.

Better Business Process Management

Utilizing private cloud services offers your accounting staff valuable business process management benefits.

  • First, you don’t need to waste time setting up multiple client accounts – which often requires separate login credentials. And since the system stores everything centrally, you can view multiple reports simultaneously instead of requesting individualized printouts.
  • Second, cloud services can reduce errors since accountants don’t need to re-enter data manually. In addition, real-time updates allow for collaboration among employees, eliminating redundant processes and saving time.
  • Lastly, cloud solutions make it easier to create customized dashboards so that office managers can track key performance indicators.

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