Online Computer Tech Support In Winston-Salem

Parkway Tech provides computer tech support for businesses throughout Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

Online Computer Tech Support from Parkway Tech in Winston-Salem

As you run your business, your computers will encounter problems and fail to perform as they should. Your internal IT team might be too overwhelmed with other IT functions to respond quickly to common PC issues like:

  • Slow speed and productivity issues
  • Various online threats for your computers, laptops, and other connected devices
  • Problems with the operating system
  • Trouble for operating system patches
  • Loss of organizational data

In such a time, you need the help of a professional who can quickly resolve the problems and get your machines up and running to help you resume operations. That is where Parkway Tech comes in to help the situation. With our online computer tech support services in Winston-Salem, there is a great chance to restore your machines in good working condition without you having to leave your desk.

Our experts will explain to you what is happening to your computer and why the problem happened. We will then provide the relevant solution to fix the issue. Our goal is to ensure that once your computer issues are fixed, they stay fixed. You can talk to us to find out more about our services.

Parkway Tech provides computer tech support for businesses throughout Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

What Services Does Parkway Tech Offer in Online Computer Tech Support?

Through your internet connection, Parkway Tech experts will connect remotely to your computer and offer you a variety of services:

Access to Cloud Services and Cloud Technologies 

Is your business leveraging the power of the cloud to improve its productivity and efficiency? Many corporate entities are today utilizing cloud-based services to bridge various gaps in their application and infrastructure needs. These include database, CRM, computing, and data storage. Unlike the traditional IT environment, where a business has to fund software and hardware upfront and implement them for months, cloud-based resources are easier to implement. The resources also align your costs of acquisition to their actual usage.

By utilizing cloud services and technologies, your company will have greater agility and realize significant cost efficiencies. Similarly, you will simplify application utilization and be able to store, share, and protect your data, as well as enhance access from any web-connect device.

Parkway Tech helps you make the right choice in accessing cloud services. We can deploy cloud computing services in many ways depending on your business requirements. Common deployment methods are public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud services. Whether you want Google, Microsoft, or specialty cloud applications, we will help you make a seamless migration by providing solutions fit for your business environment. We are here to help you take your technology to the next level.

Support for Remote Employees 

While working from home has become the “new normal,” businesses face challenges and feel unprepared for this shift. This is particularly true where IT support for remote workers is concerned. Most companies have found themselves grappling with questions like:

  • How to keep the lines of communication open with remote employees?
  • What kind of security protocols are necessary to keep networks and systems safe?
  • Does the company have enough hardware and software to make the transition to remote work?
  • Is the internal IT team adequate and well-prepared to support the remote workforce?

If your business is finding it hard to fill the gaps in any of these areas in supporting remote employees, Parkway Tech experts are here to help. Our online computer tech support services extend to serving your work-from-home team to ensure:

  • We help them resolve computer and network issues promptly and satisfactorily
  • Their devices are up-to-date by implementing relevant patches when they are due
  • Their machines are secure by assisting them to set up a secure VPN
  • They can maintain good communication with the in-office team and others working remotely to sustain collaboration and information flow.

All these tasks are demanding and time-consuming, which is why you want a managed service provider to help. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your remote team has a shoulder to lean on.

Onsite Services 

Although we offer online computer support services, some issues your business faces are best handled in person. That is why we won’t hesitate to come to your office to solve any technical problems when the need arises. By partnering with us for onsite services, you can trust us to provide:

  • Quick yet effective fixes to your computer issues: Instead of spending too much time trying to troubleshoot your computer problems, let our on-site team help you minimize downtime by deploying fast and effective solutions.
  • Custom IT solutions to meet your business needs: Your business needs are unique and need custom solutions. We help you create a custom IT plan based on various security concerns, budgets, and priorities. We also give you tips and recommendations to keep your computers and technology operating smoothly.
  • Secure business networks: We have the tools and resources to identify potential security issues and tackle them before they cause system failures or data breaches.

Help Desk Services 

Parkway Tech aims to ease the burden on your internal IT team. That is why we also offer help desk services to answer questions from your employees. So when users run into problems with their computers, they don’t have to waste time waiting for a technician to come to their desk to help them. Instead, they can reach us through a phone call, and we will resolve the problems.

Our help desk services go a long way in helping your business implement strong and effective workflows. Our help desk solutions are capable of managing services and incidents, in addition to handling user communication. Trust us to handle everything from individual technical problems to system outages that cut across the board. Moreover, we provide a single point of contact to allow users to quickly and seamlessly interact with your IT department.

Partner with Parkway Tech for Online Computer Tech Support

So many options are available with just the click of a button. As such, it can be challenging to determine the direction to take when it comes to online computer tech support services. However, by partnering with Parkway Tech, you will hardly go wrong with your IT decisions.

We offer various IT support services in Winston-Salem to keep your business running as it should. If you want to find out how we can help with your technical needs, contact us today and talk to one of our experts.

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