Microsoft 365 For Winston-Salem Law Firms

Law firms are moving to cloud solutions for data storage, legal document management, cost reduction, and other legal practices.

Microsoft 365 For Winston-Salem Law Firms

Key Points:

  • Law firms are moving to cloud solutions for data storage, legal document management, cost reduction, and other legal practices.
  • Unlike other industries, legal companies are burdened with protecting the Client Matter Data.
  • Microsoft rolled out Microsoft 365 Solutions for Legal to help law firms address concerns over blind subpoenas while empowering them to reach their full potential.
  • Parkway Tech partners with Microsoft to help Winston-Salem law firms leverage Microsoft 365 to run legal practices.

Legal institutions seek tech solutions that streamline operations, cut costs, and improve productivity. With innovation in software development and cloud services, your law firm can address challenges related to cloud data privacy in the legal industry and achieve more.

One such solution in the legal industry is incorporating Microsoft 365. Microsoft rolled out Microsoft 365 for Legal to address the legal industry’s unique challenges.

What is Microsoft 365 For Legal Firms?

Microsoft 365 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) program that Microsoft has tailored to address challenges related to cloud data privacy in the legal industry. The platform is a software suite that offers a variety of applications that enable law firms to:

  • Set a hybrid working environment
  • Manage legal documents
  • Protect Client Matter Data of customers
  • Communicate and collaborate better
  • Leverage cloud capabilities without leaking data

The solution recognizes that every legal firm is unique and has different levels of comfort with the cloud. Therefore, your firm can customize to accommodate your unique requirements and needs.

Parkway Tech collaborates with Microsoft to help your law firm to deploy and utilize Microsoft 365 solutions in different ways, which include:

Adoption of Microsoft 365 Frameworks for Legal Activities

The first step of leveraging Microsoft 365 in a law firm is setting up frameworks to streamline everyday operations. Microsoft 365 comprises various apps. You should understand how each can help you reach your business.

Our experts understand every app in Microsoft 365 and can help your law firm to implement them to help you achieve your business goal. We can help you deploy the following solutions:

  • Set up Teams with custom retention policies for the deletion
  • Sync your Outlook emails and contacts
  • Sync your Microsoft 365 Calendar
  • Set up all cloud-based services to eliminate reliance on serves
  • Ensure everything meets the security requirements

After setting up the basics, we’ll proceed to the next implementation.

Better Communication Channel Set up

Your law firm is in a better position will well-defined communication and channels that minimize disruption for attorneys. Microsoft 365 offers the capability to set such channels.

We’ll help you enable Microsoft Teams while turning off SharePoint and OneDrive. You can, therefore, continue leveraging on-premise Outlook and Exchange and plugins as the primary communication channel.

Your Microsoft Teams will be for chat, instant messaging, and channel conversation. You can control client matter data in the system since we’ll have disabled SharePoint and One drive on your Teams.

Our experts can set up your Microsoft Teams so that you can leverage the combination of internal communication and collaboration to reach your full potential. We’ll allow you to control co-authoring, sharing, and cloud storage for appropriate audiences that don’t handle Client Matter Data.

Prevention of Data Leak

Our cloud experts will help your firm leverage the powers of the Microsoft cloud and prevent customer data leaks. If your law firm already uses Office Apps, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for business, we can help you move them all to the cloud.

Your firm will determine what goes to the cloud and where Client Matter Data should reside. Since you have the burden of protecting your client’s data, we’ll help you leverage Microsoft’s tools to ensure that your firm’s users use data in the ways you allow.

We can help you regulate capabilities such as:

  • Forwarding, copying, and printing
  • Enforcing multifactor authentication
  • Blocking access from unauthorized, unmanaged, or insecure devices
  • Blocking access from insecure countries and locations
  • Blocking access from accounts with exploited or weak passwords
  • Disabling uploads and downloads to the sites you restrict

You can use the Double Key Encryption from Microsoft for your most sensitive data. The encryption renders your sensitive data illegible to Microsoft Cloud, which can help you satisfy concerns over blind subpoenas.

External Relationship Management Solutions

Sharing, integration, and automation with select partners or external guest access are critical for real-time file collaboration. You can leverage solutions on Microsoft 365 to manage external relationships in several ways.

For instance, you can simplify scheduling with bookings. Microsoft has a booking app that you can integrate with Outlook and Teams to offer a web-based calendar to manage appointments and simplify scheduling.

Clients and external partners can schedule appointments through your firm’s website or a direct link. You can customize the process by defining appointment types, defining staff schedules, and setting business hours.

Build Efficient Workflow

Your team is constantly working to offer excellent services to your clients. You and your colleagues have flexible schedules and different responsibilities and are busy to increase productivity.

Taking advantage of a platform that makes projects accessible at any time can be vital to streamlining your business operations. Microsoft 365 presents solutions that allow seamless collaborations when working on legal projects or tasks.

Through the tools available on Microsoft 365, individuals and teams in your firm can collaborate on tasks and projects, share data and documents, and coordinate legal matters. You can also streamline data management, automate repetitive tasks, and let your law firm create custom apps that can transform your business.

Improve Client Relation Management

Customer relationship management is critical in your long-term growth strategy. Microsoft 365 has a solution called Dynamics 365. The solution can help you manage customer relationships and track sales, leads, and marketing.

Dynamic 365 allows you to customize your experience to suit your business requirements. Our expert can help you customize the solutions to help you store prospect and client data, manage agreements and contracts, and track client communication — all on one platform.

Our technician can help you use Dynamic 365 to get intelligent insights into operations in your law firms. You can get intelligent information such as hours logged, partners’ performance, firm growth, and more from the dashboard we’ll build for you.

Parkway Tech Can Help Your Winston-Salem Law Firm Implement Microsoft 365 for Legal Solutions

Your law firm is unique and requires tailored Microsoft-365 solutions to reach its full potential. We have spent time listening, seeking, and solving unique challenges that the legal industry faces in adopting cloud technology. We can help you better. Contact our experts today to help you exploit the full potential of Microsoft 365 for legal firms.

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