The Going Rate For IT Technical Services In Winston-Salem

How much can you expect to pay for IT technical services in Winston-Salem, NC? Check out Parkway Tech’s 2022 pricing guide.

The Going Rate For IT Technical Services In Winston-Salem

If you think your business can operate without IT technical services, you might be right. Especially if your definition of ‘operate’ is to simply keep the phones on and your doors open. But how long will your doors stay open if a data breach occurs and ruins your reputation? And how can you keep your phones operating if a VoIP glitch prevents you from making outbound calls? So, if you think you can go without IT technical services in Winston-Salem, then think again…

Fortunately, the cost of hiring an IT technical service specialist is less than you may think. And given the risks of ignoring your IT needs, you can hardly afford not to invest in a trusted service provider. Below is a look at the going rate for IT technical services in Winston-Salem and how you can put your business on the path to IT excellence today.

IT Technical Services In Winston-Salem

What Are Some Common Excuses For Skimping On IT Technical Services?

  • “There is no way we can afford IT technical services.”
  • “We’ve always gotten by without an IT pro.”
  • “Our business is too small to need IT technical services.”
  • “We are already over budget this quarter.”

If these excuses sound familiar to you, then it’s time to change your thinking! Reading this article is a great start, as you will likely be pleased to learn you can obtain IT technical services for under $100 per hour. Unfortunately, many small business owners will still ignore the need for IT technical services, while others will simply hope they can continue operating without suffering extended downtime or a costly data breach.

What Is The Average Cost Of IT Technical Services?

While costs vary, you can expect to pay between $70 and $115 per hour for an independent technical specialist to resolve a problem. Hourly rates for a technician employed by a small IT firm are slightly higher at $115 to $165 per hour. You can expect rates to fluctuate according to the following variables:

  • Experience: Rates for relatively inexperienced technicians tend to be lower than rates for technicians with at least a decade of experience.
  • Employer Size: Hourly rates tend to be lower for solo technicians and higher for specialists employed by large IT technical service providers.
  • IT Certifications: You can expect to pay more for specialists with valuable IT certifications such as Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).
  • Problem Complexity: If you need help with a rare or complicated issue, you can expect to pay more for a professional with specialized skills.
  • Time Spent On Services: The longer your issue(s) take to resolve, the more you can expect to pay.

As-Needed Services Vs. Full-Time In-House Support: Which Is Best For You?

The answer to this question depends on your IT needs, your resources, and your budget. In Winston-Salem, the cost to hire a full-time Information Technology Specialist is nearly $43,000. To hire a more experienced Information Technology Manager, you can expect to pay just over $79,000 per year. While these rates are below the national average, they still represent a big increase from outsourcing IT technical services on an as-needed basis.

Adding a full-time salary can also quickly erode a small company’s operating budget. And because more affordable entry-level IT specialists are often not equipped to handle more complex problems, you could end up spending even more money on emergency services from a more skilled professional. Here are the factors to consider to help you determine the best option for your Forsyth County business:

  • Your Budget: If your business is brand new or you’re operating on a shoestring budget, it’s best to pay for services as you need them.
  • Your Existing Resources: If you’re spending $50,000 per year on as-needed IT technical services, you may wish to consider a full-time hire.
  • Your Company’s Size: If your company is small and is not heavily dependent on technology, then as-needed services make more sense.
  • Your Rate of Growth: If you are experiencing growing pains, you may be tempted to hire an in-house IT manager. But sometimes it’s helpful to wait and see whether your growth spike was temporary or appears to be sustainable.

What Are The Risks Of Ignoring Your IT Technical Service Needs?

“There’s never an opportune time for an unplanned network, system or service failure. The hourly costs associated with downtime paint a grim picture. But to reiterate, they don’t tell the whole story of just how devastating downtime can be to the business’ bottom line, productivity and reputation.” – Laura DiDio, Principal Analyst, ITIC

Whether you are leaning toward hiring an IT partner to assist you on an as-needed basis or thinking about hiring a full-time in-house employee, it’s important not to procrastinate. By mapping out an IT technical services solution today, you can minimize the following risks:

  • Prolonged downtime can result in lost revenue and dissatisfied customers.
  • An increased risk of cybercrime is often linked to an underdeveloped IT strategy.
  • Lost customers are a painful consequence of poor or delayed IT technical service delivery.
  • A tarnished reputation can emerge if your customers and employees become dissatisfied or frustrated.

How Can Parkway Tech Put Your Business On The Path To IT Excellence?

Now that you have the inside track on the going rate for IT technical services in Winston-Salem, it’s time to stop making excuses and give your business the support it deserves. Parkway Tech has the tools and resources to put your business on the path to IT excellence today. Here is what you can expect when you choose Parkway Tech to handle your IT technical services:

  • A Complimentary Consultation: Your path to IT excellence begins with a FREE needs assessment from a Parkway Tech IT specialist.
  • 2 Minute Response Times: We are proud to respond to most IT technical service problems in 2 minutes or less.
  • Customized IT Technical Services: We realize your business is unique and deserves a customized service plan.
  • Remote Support: You can access our online remote support and collaboration portal quickly and easily.
  • Peace Of Mind: Our fast response times, customized IT technical services, and remote capabilities will help you rest easier.

We invite you to contact us at Parkway Tech to find out why businesses across Forsyth County choose us to handle their IT technical services. With our support, you can take your business forward with confidence knowing you are receiving five-star IT technical services at an affordable price.

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