IT Support Not Permanently Solving Problems?

Is your IT support company in Winston-Salem or Greensboro taking care of all your IT support needs? Parkway Tech is here to help with all your business IT support needs.

If Your IT Support Isn’t Permanently Solving Problems, It’s Time For You To Move On

This interior design firm switched to Parkway Tech because their last IT vendor failed to fix their repetitive server problems.


Our newest client: an interior design firm operating out of a three-story home and office, suffering from chronic server problems.

The Problem

This firm’s owner was tired of their IT vendor “giving them the runaround”. Ongoing problems with their servers were addressed but never fixed for good, causing issues with core tools like AutoCAD.

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IT Support Not Permanently Solving Problems

This Client Had Debilitating Server Problems

  • No room: Servers only have so much storage space to offer, and by using the same ones for nearly a decade, this firm had run out.
  • Lag & performance issues: The older hardware gets, the more likely it’ll start to slow down. With their entire firm relying on access to apps and data stored on these old servers, it was only a matter of time until their staff-wide productivity began to drop.
  • Failure & risk of data loss: When this firm’s server fails, it means they’ll experience downtime while they wait for it to restart, not to mention that they could lose data that isn’t backed up.

The Solution

This interior design firm got in touch with Parkway Tech in search of an IT partner that would solve their problems for good. They didn’t want to have to worry about these types of issues anymore—when a mutual contact suggested Parkway Tech, they called us right away.

How Parkway Tech Solved Their Problem

Our team immediately went on-site to assess the situation directly. We worked around the clock to determine the source of the issue and resolve it. With our help, the server problems were eliminated for good.

We can solve your IT problems too—get in touch with our team to get started today.

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