Professional Help with IT Office Moves in North Carolina

Parkway Tech offers all-encompassing IT movement planning and support for law firms in North Carolina.

IT Office Moves in North Carolina

Have you prepared your office for an IT relocation? Migrating your servers and other equipment or deploying them in a new office should be a worry-free, seamless, and fast process – but hurdles may arise throughout the movement cycle.

For instance, if your servers are damaged or lost when moving from one point to another, your company risks data loss, downtime, and other IT problems. Or, if you fail to evaluate your new office layout before you relocate your IT, it’ll be challenging to provide your staff with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Despite the difficulties, you still require fast, high-performance IT functions even during movement, but you can’t entirely rely on your internal team for this.

Parkway Tech offers all-encompassing IT movement planning and support for law firms in North Carolina. We’ll take care of server relocation, recommissioning, and decommissioning to keep them up and running as soon as you open your new office. Plus, or comprehensive IT assistance will help you streamline the cycle.

Worry-Free Office Relocation from Industry Experts

If you have an upcoming move, a reliable IT office relocation agency will keep you worry-free before, during, and after the process. Parkway Tech will help you plan and execute the migration and support your law firm throughout the process. This is possible whether you intend to move across town or move to a different state.

Pre-Move and Planning Stage

The right relocation plan could be the tipping point for successful moving. It helps you meet your timelines and aid cost management.

Parkway Tech has to be there with your right from the beginning for a seamless and fast relocation. We’ll help you create a customized blueprint that will address your needs and meet the growing demand in your new location. In addition, we’ll help you with the following:

  • Creating a schedule for the relocation process and identify all projects that the move may affect.
  • Establish how business-critical operations will be handled during the relocation cycle and when the interruptions would occur
  • Examine the utilities, facilities, and other relevant IT resources and factors in your current location to determine what you’ll require in the next space.
  • Notify any tech vendors, carriers, and service providers of the move so that they can manage your resources accordingly.
  • Create a comprehensive budget that includes the relocation costs as well as a contingency fund
  • If you are moving to a new building, we’ll connect with your contractor or architect to discuss the project details.
  • Create reliable data backups, conduct detailed risk analysis, and record a complete system inventory.

Moving Day

This is a crucial day, and most consider it the most burdensome. But you don’t have to experience the pressure of last-minute chaos and surprises. We will help you achieve optimal seamlessness with as little downtime as possible. Hence, our project manager will be available to monitor the move and update you on the developments throughout the process.

Office relocation experts will take care of the following:

  • Data cabling tests and installations
  • Network component tests
  • Hardware connectivity evaluations

Network and Infrastructure Management

Whether you’re migrating to a new space or multiple locations, you’ll rest assured that professional IT office movers are managing the entire project. We’ll assign the right personnel and use suitable packing materials to make the job as seamless as possible. All these requirements will be handled:

  • Network monitoring, load balancing, and VLAN requirements
  • Energy consumption and cooling requirements
  • Data backup hardware
  • Latency sensitivity analysis
  • Evaluations on your security software and network tools
  • Rack requirements


As you settle into the new space, you’ll need to deploy several additional reconfigurations and changes. Again, it’s the professional mover’s job to ensure your data, company, and team are protected, and business is up and running without downtime or disruption.

We’ll do the following to achieve this:

  • Assess your security systems and software
  • Verify the milestones achieved against your initial relocation plan
  • Check your equipment monitoring solutions
  • Address air quality issues

Guaranteed Smooth Network Relocation

Parkway Tech is focused on keeping the dreaded relocation as seamless as possible. We begin with evaluating your current space then obtain the physical floorplan of your new office. This helps ascertain the project’s logistics and create an efficient cabling system covering your PCs, printers, and server room.

We also evaluate your current IT equipment and solutions then identify the new items that will make the next space more efficient. The next step involves evaluating your communication systems and, finally, conducting a logistical plan for relocating all your resources.

We’ll Reduce the Chaos

Understandably, office relocation can be crazy, especially if you want to maintain your productivity and operations. Fortunately, we’ll take care of all the issues that are crucial for your relocation success. We’ll do the following:

  • Speak with your contractors and vendors to create a plan for minimal business disruption
  • Ensure contractors complete their roles as specified
  • Set up your new office’s internet service with your preferred provider
  • Arrange communication resources in the new space
  • Supervise electricians to meet your requirements
  • Inspect your system and network equipment before and after moving
  • Move your valuable IT resources with the utmost care
  • Create a reliable backup system for your data and digital resources
  • Run the network cable
  • Schedule the appropriate time to move for minimal disruption and timeline
  • Evaluate IT layout in the new office to ensure it aligns with best practice recommendations
  • Create a contingency plan, just in case

We’ve Been There Before

Office relocation is a dreaded yet crucial activity for many law firms. You understand the complications of handling the movement by yourself, and choosing an unreliable service provider could make the experience even worse. Fortunately, Parkway Tech is here to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

We’ve handled countless IT office moves in North Carolina. Hence, we understand the hurdles and areas that can go wrong throughout the cycle. In essence, we have all it takes to ensure everything goes as planned.

Our experienced project managers are there throughout the cycle. They’ll create practical plans consult with your contractors and teams, note your concerns, and do everything possible to offer a stress-free and pleasant process. What’s more, we’ll ensure regular communication during the process to keep you posted. So reach out to learn more.

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