How Winston-Salem Businesses Benefit from Microsoft 365

Microsoft is in sync with how modern professionals think and understands the technology needs that drive operations.

How Winston-Salem Businesses Benefit from Microsoft 365

Enterprising professionals everywhere are already familiar with the Microsoft brand, long-known as a workplace staple for productivity. Professionals rely on Microsoft products every day, and for valid reasons:

  • Microsoft develops products packed with digital innovation
  • Solutions designed by Microsoft cater to a personalized productivity experience
  • Microsoft leverages sophisticated technology to deliver reliable solutions

Sophisticated technology is the key to today’s productivity needs, and demand has never been greater for solutions that deliver innovative solutions to enable remote teams to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

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Which Microsoft 365 Benefits Are Best For Your Needs?

Microsoft is in sync with how modern professionals think and understands the technology needs that drive operations. Professionals want solutions that boost efficiency, improve productivity, automate tasks, and simplify our workload. Businesses need a solution that can do all of this without sacrificing quality.

Consumer confidence in Microsoft products is high, and for good reasons. Microsoft delivers consistent quality in technology solutions, and Microsoft 365 is no different. Features and benefits fill every inch of the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps, and professionals have long relied on workplace products that fuel modern businesses.

Microsoft PowerPoint helps users create presentations that amaze, Microsoft Excel lets users build spreadsheets that help interpret data with deeper meaning, and teams depend on storage solutions like SharePoint and OneDrive for sharing files for real-time updates with access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Choose from a massive variety of features and benefits, including:

  • Designed for straight-forward integration: Developed with ease-of-use in mind, Microsoft 365 is designed for professionals that can use the productivity apps together in ways that cater to individual needs. Integration extends beyond the Microsoft family, too, with Microsoft 365 apps accessible from third-party apps like Salesforce.
  • Have Microsoft 365, will travel: Microsoft 365 users can leverage the power of sophisticated technology to remain productive from different locations allowing for remote teams to access Microsoft 365 to communicate and collaborate with the convenience of cloud-based solutions and mobile apps from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Reliable solutions for professionals: Microsoft 365 is consistently simple and easy to use for busy professionals.
  • Customize to individual preferences: Imagine being able to customize your software with features that cater to your specific needs. Microsoft 365 users already realize this benefit with program extensions (“add-ons”), that users apply to Microsoft 365 apps to customize apps.

More Reasons Winston-Salem Professionals Need Microsoft 365 Add-Ons

Loyal Microsoft 365 users know add-ons are the best thing that has happened to the digital workspace in quite some time, with countless options available:


With professionals heavily relying on virtual meetings for the last several months, this add-on helps groups quickly find a shared convenient time by checking multiple schedules for availability, minimizing delays from back-and-forth emails.


Whether it’s based on physical needs or convenience, Dictation allows users to click a microphone icon, and the built-in voice-to-text feature lets users dictate to your active Microsoft 365 app.

Office Tab

Professionals who consistently have several Internet browser tabs open will love this add-on. Office Tab lets Microsoft 365 users access multiple files from within the same app window, propelling organizations to entirely new levels!

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