How to create (and remember) a strong password

​There can be significant consequences to having a weak password on an important account. Compromise of IT assets, loss of confidentiality and integrity and potential firm shut down are all possible if a hacker can access your firm’s core system. Let’s look at what makes a password hackable and then I’ll show you how to create a long and strong password that you’ll actually remember.

What makes a password hackable? Here are the top 5 hacker go-to’s when trying to hack your password:

  • Same as your login info (admin:admin)
  • Keyboard patterns (asdfgjhkl)
  • Common passwords: Season+Year, Month+Year, “Password1”
  • Default passwords (guest:guest, or the one that came with your device)
  • Password reuse

Creating a long and strong password doesn’t mean you need to use a password that looks like this: W##$huyj&lAQ12^azy. The best password is one that is easy for you to remember and really hard for someone else to guess. You can create a strong password by:

  • Use a modified phrase:  the following examples show you how you can use a phrase that means something to you or is something you associate with a type of website.
    • You-Can’tH@ndle-THE-Tr^th (You can’t handle the truth. A few good Men Reference)
    • 4Score&7yrsAgo (Four score and seven years ago - from the Gettysburg Address)
    • JusticeDel@yedIsJusticeDen!ed (quote by William E Gladson)
    • John8:32Kn0wYeTr^th (Scripture reference) 
  • Use passwords with common elements but customized for different sites
    • Going-2Uz_AMZN$  (going to use Amazon)
    • G0ing-2Uz_:)book (going to use Facebook – we used 🙂 for Face in this case) 

By implementing these simple skills, you can easily create a strong and memorable passwords with minimal effort. Plus, creating them can actually be fun - and your payoff in increased safety is huge. Feel free to share these tips, just don’t share your passwords. 

Written by Chris Michalec posted on June 2, 2019

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