Cybersecurity Webinar


Protect Your Business From These
 Major Cybersecurity Risks

Chris Michalec Founder & vCIO Parkway Technology Solutions

Chris Michalec

Founder & vCIO
 Parkway Technology Solutions

Ryan Bailey tech manager Parkway Technology Solutions

Ryan Bailey

tech manager
 Parkway Technology Solutions

Nick Wolf channel sales executive SKOUT cybersecurity

Nick Wolf

 channel sales executive
 SKOUT cybersecurity

Kevin Williams sales engineer SKOUT cybersecurity

Kevin Williams

sales engineer
 SKOUT cybersecurity

Are you eager to learn how to protect your growing business from cybersecurity threats, scams, phishing attempts and more? In this highly informative cybersecurity webinar on March 3rd, you will hear from Parkway Tech and SKOUT experts about the different types of risks that exist in the virtual world for businesses just like yours. 

This enlightening webinar will cover:

  • Today’s cyber landscape
  • Different types of attacks
  • Possible dangers of taking your business remote
  • Ransomware and its various associated risks

The highlight of this webinar will be a live demo,
 showing you how hackers can infiltrate your network in minutes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions as presenters delve into the essentials of cybersecurity and the ways that you can keep your team and data protected.

Together, the knowledgeable leaders at Parkway Tech and SKOUT will walk you through the considerable consequences of putting your business’ cybersecurity on the back burner. Find out exactly how to shield your business from cyber threats by reserving your spot for this webinar today. 

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