Proper Cybersecurity In Winston Salem

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Proper Cybersecurity In Winston Salem

Key Points

  • Cyber security is a must-have for every business
  • There is no one-size-fits-all cyber security solution. Every business has different needs and budgets.
  • You need an assessment of your network by a cyber-security expert, who will then recommend a suitable cyber security solution.

Cybercrimes have been rising in the past decade, and the biggest worry is that anyone can be a target. Cybercriminals do not discriminate based on the industry or size of a company. Many organizations and businesses are taking cyber security measures.

This article sheds light on cyber security and the costs organizations in Winston Salem incur for cyber security systems.

Cybersecurity Winston Salem

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security offers a way to protect an organization from any online threats. A cyber security framework utilizes a layered approach for safety, including products, policies, and procedures. It protects an organization from data breaches, crypto-jacking, phishing attacks, ransomware, and insider threats.

What does Cyber Security Comprise?

There is no single perfect approach to cyber security. An effective solution is custom-made to the organization’s requirements, and since options vary in price, one should also consider their budget.

Cyber security costs fall into two major categories: products and services. Cyber security services refer to the services that protect your organization against cyber threats. These entail vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, compliance auditing, program development, architecture review, and monitoring services.

On the other hand, cyber security products are the software and physical devices that protect your data. These products include firewalls, antivirus software, email protection, and two-factor authentication.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Cyber Security?

The main factors that affect the cost of cyber security are:

Type of Data

If a business collects sensitive data, there is a need for security layers to ensure compliance with industry standards. Medical providers must meet data security standards under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Businesses in professional services that store customers’ credit card information need to meet Payment Card Industry Data security standards.

Professional Audits

Security standards keep changing. Therefore, organizations need to undertake regular audits. During the audits, auditors check whether the security needs have changed and whether the existing software needs an update.

Product and Services

The features in a cyber security system determine the level of protection an organization gets. Cyber security systems that offer more protection cost higher than systems with few features. An organization’s security needs will determine the security system one should get.

Self Install Vs. Professional Install

You can obtain cyber security products and install them yourself. However, for maximum security, it’s good to request a cyber security provider to install the system in your network for you. The latter costs are higher because of the additional setup costs by the software provider, but they can save you additional maintenance costs.

Costs of Cyber Security Service

When paying for cyber security services, you need to understand what you are paying for. Here is a breakdown of cyber security services:

Threat Monitoring

Monitoring threats is a day-to-day task that many organizations outsource. Outsourcing helps the business leaders to focus on running the business. Professional threat monitoring services entail looking out for cyber threats to a business network using up-to-date techniques.

Program Development

Software developers can develop a cyber security program from scratch. The cost for software development is a onetime fee and caters to creating and implementing security policies. Depending on a software’s complexity, the process can take between 5 to 20 hours, with the rates being between $149 – $479.

Security Architecture Review

A security architecture review entails an in-depth assessment of the infrastructure powering your business. The assessment is a onetime activity, and the assessor recommends strategies for improving security. An assessment can take between 10- 15 hours, and you should get a report with a clear roadmap of operational processes, procedures, and framework controls.

Vulnerability Assessment

This assessment is to give an understanding of the cyber threat risks in an organization. A vulnerability assessment requires a security architect to have a roadmap of the network topology and identify the weak points in a network. Afterward, they will craft steps to improve security and relay the information to the IT personnel. A network of 1-3 users will cost between $1500-$6000, while one with 5-8 users will cost between $5000-$10000.

Cyber Security Products


A network’s firewall is the first line of defense for your network’s assets and is a guard between your network and the internet. Firewalls come in different sizes to suit different network sizes and configurations. An average firewall configuration costs between $400-$6000. You require a subscription to use the administrator’s console, which notifies the administrator of any threats.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software monitors activity and manages threats from malicious software, web pages, and applications. It may not notice advanced threats, and you should get endpoint security and antivirus software. The cost of antivirus is between 3-5 per user per month, while that of endpoint security and antivirus software will cost $5–$8 per user per month.

Two-factor Authentication

This security procedure requires you to input two credentials to log in to your network. The paid two-factor authentication software offers access to admin portals, employee monitoring, and strong device trust policies. The average cost for two-factor authentication software is between $1-$10 per user.

Email Protection

One way that malware gets into a network is through email. Email solutions such as the G-suite have email filters to secure your emails. A business can have servers to host their emails to save costs, enable easy auditing, and ensure email security. Email protection from the third-party filters emails before they reach your inbox for additional security. Email protection software is advanced and can catch even the slightest compromise attempts. Email protection costs depend on the number of email users that need accounting.

Regardless of the size, every business requires cyber security measures in place. Parkway Tech offers the best cyber security products and services to organizations in Winston Salem. They will analyze your business to determine your security needs and deliver a cyber security solution within your budget.

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