Why Winston-Salem Organizations Need A Reliable IT Team To Setup Their Computer Network

Parkway Tech provides reliable computer network services and computer network setup for organizations in Winston-Salem & Greensboro.

Why Get A Reliable IT Team To Setup Your Computer Network

The most effective businesses and organizations are those whose networks are designed and set up to meet the organization’s needs. Parkway Tech is the go-to provider for IT services and support, including network setup installation, for many businesses in Winston-Salem, Triad, and Greensboro areas.

But why pay money to have a professional IT team to install your organization’s network when you could Google and follow instructions? What benefits are there to hiring the Parkway Tech team when you can get individual IT service providers to advertise the same service?

If you are unsure why you should find a reliable IT team to plan, set up, and install a computer network in your organization, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover the benefits of getting a reliable, professional team to install a computer network and network infrastructure that meet your organization’s specific needs.

Hire a Professional Team that Understands Your Organization’s Network Needs

There is a by-the-book way to install a computer network; then there is a professional approach. Many network installers have a standard way of getting two computers to talk to each other. Then, of course, there is the right way that an experienced team with in-depth networking and programming skills gets the job done.

The top benefit of hiring Parkway Tech for network setup in your organization is the personalized service you will get. Our team will study your IT infrastructure and service needs and find an equilibrium that meets both ends.

The right network is not just about how the computers communicate; it is also about the quality of equipment used, the level of technologies, and future scalability consideration, among others.

You have solid ideas for the performance and growth of your organization. However, to put them into practice, you will need a functional, efficient, and scalable computer network system that brings out the best of your staff and seamlessly connects the different facets of your organization.

Save Time, Effort, and Frustration

DIY network installation or paying an individual with a long resume to configure your organization’s network is cheap. However, the biggest problem is that the networks they install may end up costing the organization a lot more in the long run in direct and indirect costs.

There are many different types of networks, each with its upsides and downsides. When you choose to partner with Parkway Tech for IT and networking services, our first task will be to study your organization’s needs and recommend the ideal type of network that best meets those needs.

The services of a professional network setup team extend beyond the mere laying of cables. Our configuration and installation processes involve forecasting potential problems and studying the market to ensure we use only the latest proven technologies.

If you want to save time, effort, and money in the long run, you will have to make the right investments now. Hire a reliable team and help your organization stay ahead of the curve, preventing potential pain points and costly issues that could cause you frustration and headaches.

Put Your Organization’s Security First

No organization, in this day and age, can afford to overlook the importance of security.

One of the most involving tasks of network setup and installation is configuring and testing security. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a computer network is tedious and demanding, but it is essential in every step of network installation. The only way you can rest easy that the network security is top-notch after your organization’s network is up and running is if you hired the right company to set it up.

Network security is not an after-thought configuration that the installer can carry out after the network is installed; it is an integral part of the process that the right team will factor in during the planning stages of the network installation.

A reliable, professional team will painstakingly test and retest every infrastructure and security features of your network against various threats even before the network goes live. When you hire an unreliable team or an individual incapable of exhaustively testing the network’s security, you could be putting all the organization’s investments, data, and infrastructure at risk.

Pay Today’s Price for Tomorrow’s Technology

What could be worse than paying top dollar for networking devices and services only for them to become obsolete in a couple of years? If you wish to set up a network for your organization today, you must find a professional team that understands the technologies of tomorrow.

Far too many companies and individual IT service providers do not advise their clients on the right and scalable technologies that will stand the test of time – because they do not know either.

At Parkway Tech, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the innovation curve, and we make sure our clients benefit from it. When you hire the right team, you choose to partner with professionals who know the latest modes of wireless network infrastructure, newest security measures, WAN and SDWAN topologies and considerations, and even setting up cloud and local servers.

Network Maintenance Can Be a Pain, But Reliability is the Remedy

Every organization invests in computer network infrastructure with the expectation that it will unleash the full potential of its staff. However, like everything else, network infrastructure suffers hiccups and outages that must be remedied fast.

When you hire the right team to install your network, you also make it easy for them to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade the system when the need arises. For this reason, it is absolutely worth having a standing contract with a reliable team of IT professionals.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right contractor to study, plan, and install a computer network in Winston-Salem is now easier than ever. The challenge is for organizations to do their research and understand the specific needs of their organizations.

Parkway Tech offers a range of IT support and networking services to keep your business running optimally. Schedule a free consultation with a networking professional today to get a review of your organization’s network setup needs.

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