6 Business Benefits Of Migrating To Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 continues to gain momentum in different industries, proving that it offers myriad benefits with its range of applications and services.

Business Benefits Of Making The Move To Microsoft 365

Microsoft has over 1.2 billion Office users, with more than 60 million being Microsoft 365 commercial consumers. According to Statista, Microsoft 365 continues to experience a surge in regard to the number of active users. As of April 2021, it recorded over 145 million active users compared to 2020, which had 75 million users during the same period. This shows that more businesses are turning to Cloud solutions to streamline their operations, facilitate data storage and management, increase productivity, and ultimately maximize revenue.

Microsoft 365 continues to gain momentum in different industries, proving that it offers myriad benefits with its range of applications and services. Those who might have used a computer in the past are likely to have come across Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel, Outlook to send an email or Skype to message or video call someone. However, modern businesses are getting more from Microsoft Office, especially with the release of Microsoft 365.

That said, here are the key benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365.

Flexible Scalability

Microsoft 365 excels in offering the ability for businesses to scale their resources whether they have outgrown their existing infrastructure or downsizing. On-premise file storage and IT systems can be challenging to scale, especially for a fast-growing business. Besides, it would require additional expenses to acquire more resources to enhance productivity, which can be costly and time-consuming.

With Microsoft 365, enterprises can navigate through a few clicks and add more capacity and scale efficiently. This means you can scale up your business by adding more space to accommodate your growing concern for capacity or scale down by removing some space. Microsoft 365 ensures businesses receive flexible and infinite scalability options that on-premises solutions cannot offer.

Empowers an Aging Infrastructure

One of the top benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 is that it allows businesses to save money and time regarding an aging IT infrastructure. Generally, there reaches a time when an existing IT infrastructure ages and becomes less efficient. This can be costly, especially when upgrading or incorporating additional solutions to accomplish specific tasks.

Microsoft remains committed to delivering exceptional and secure cloud services, primarily providing instant solutions in its Microsoft 365 product. Hence, migrating to Microsoft 365 enables enterprises to readily empower their outdated IT infrastructure, making it easy to scale and streamline operations. As a business, you can save more money by optimizing your infrastructure through Microsoft 365.

Readily Accessed by Any Device

Maintaining on-premises infrastructure and enhancing employee interaction remains a significant challenge for growing businesses. On-premises network access and securing connections remains a concern, especially with an increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches. Besides, most businesses have incorporated firewalls and other security protocols to protect their systems and data against attacks and hacks. And it is for these reasons that it is hard for employees to access systems, consequently affecting remote work and other solutions.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 provides an ideal environment where end-users get a better experience connecting to company data via the Cloud and accessing various Microsoft apps quickly. The official apps also enable users to retrieve specific company data and other relevant resources on time without difficulties. Remote workers can also access Microsoft 365 irrespective of their geographical area or device and work from anywhere comfortably.

Seamless Migration and Updates

Modern businesses continue to embrace digital solutions to facilitate various operations. That is, more and more organizations are moving to Cloud solutions, enabling businesses to have all their files, data, and other relevant information in the Cloud. Microsoft offers various options for businesses looking to migrate to Microsoft 365 seamlessly. Once your business migrates into Microsoft 365, users get to achieve more than using an on-premises infrastructure.

Besides, the migration process is relatively straightforward and sturdy, allowing companies to embrace Microsoft’s Cloud solutions. Besides, all users will receive an update, including new features that help streamline operations. This enables your organization to become more productive, primarily with more reliable, sturdy, accessible, and scalable Microsoft 365 solutions.

Peace of Mind

Microsoft 365 accompanies advanced security protocols and encryption that ensure all data stored in Microsoft data centers globally is secured and protected against hacks, attacks, and breaches. Whether you need security for your business files, emails, networks, or servers, Microsoft meets industry-standard certifications to ensure the utmost security of your company data. Put simply, Microsoft takes complete responsibility for ensuring all data stored in their centers is kept safe and inaccessible by third parties.

Generally, Microsoft 365 comes with built-in security tools, allowing businesses to control file safety by setting permissions based on employee roles and responsibilities. This lets you have complete authority and transparency of company data as you can monitor processes and actively change permissions to suit your needs. It also allows you to wipe data from lost mobile devices remotely, ensuring the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Unlike on-premises IT infrastructure, Microsoft 365 gives you peace of mind. That is, it ensures you have control over your company’s data backed with robust, world-class security. Besides, it eliminates losing critical data because all your data is stored in the Cloud, delivering the best experience. And with each app including individual security features, it makes it easy to secure your data regardless of the Microsoft 365 app you are using.

Easy Integration

Microsoft allows businesses to integrate Microsoft 365 within their existing tools and IT infrastructure without considering other systems. This makes Microsoft 365 ideal for all business sizes and can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud. Besides, it gives you full access to reliable web applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word whether you are using Windows Desktop or Outlook’s web versions. In return, you get to maximize efficiency in your organization and improve your employee’s productivity, especially those working remotely.

Microsoft 365 Migration Specialists In North Carolina

With these benefits, it is clear that Microsoft 365 is more than a straightforward productivity suite. It offers comprehensive communication and collaboration tools, enabling you to work more effectively from anywhere, anytime. Besides, it empowers employees to ensure they promote business performance and better returns. At Parkway Tech, we can help you migrate to Microsoft 365, empower your employees and enjoy these business benefits. For more information, reach us to learn more today!

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