5 Ways Cloud Desktops Help Greensboro Professionals Erase IT Challenges

Professionals have increased dependency on technology in the last several months, with the number of professionals adapting to a remote work environment swelling exponentially. Professionals in Greensboro have leveraged sophisticated technology to shift entire workspaces to home offices while exploring flexible and reliable productivity solutions.

Cloud desktops offer professionals the best balance for flexibility with reliability for mobile productivity and are becoming wildly popular for Greensboro professionals who need to remain connected with colleagues. A successful home office depends on professionals remaining productive and connected, and cloud desktops are the perfect solution.

Why Modern Professionals Need Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops have proven incredibly valuable as options for businesses who need cloud technology to support remote teams. Modern professionals have seen a major dynamic shift in surroundings, from the traditional office environments to the home office environment. Cloud desktops offer professionals the flexibility and connectivity needed for continued productivity.

Users have the same productivity apps with each connection to a cloud desktop, without interruption or delay to the workday, and can share files and information quickly and easily anywhere with an Internet connection.

5 Ways Cloud Desktops Help Greensboro Professionals

Why are cloud desktops becoming so popular in the last several months? The reasons are clear:

  1. Increased Flexibility: Flexibility is far and above the most common reason professionals rely on cloud desktops more now. Your cloud-based desktop is the same every time you log in, no matter how you access your cloud desktop, whether from your home desktop computer, your laptop computer, or using a tablet. Productivity apps are readily accessible, and your personal set-up is consistent.
  2. Cost Savings: Without the need to purchase expensive equipment, cloud desktops help businesses avoid unexpected expenses from equipment failure and data loss. Cloud desktops also help businesses minimize costly hardware upgrades.
  3. Scalable Technology: Cloud desktops and cloud storage are economical and easy to scale as your business needs evolve. As needs change, businesses can increase data storage quickly and without the significant cost of purchasing a physical storage solution with cloud desktops, plus the added bonus of avoiding shipping delays of physical hardware.
  4. Cyber Security: Most desktop and laptop computers require passwords to access the operating systems, apps, files and information stored on the computer but cloud desktops prompt users to have the login to access – added security for users! Professionals will also need to know how to access the cloud desktop, typically via a web browser. With layer upon layer of password protection, cybersecurity is much less likely to become compromised, making cloud desktops a safe technology solution that you can also remotely wipe as an added step to prevent unauthorized access.
  5. Data Back-ups: Cloud desktops offer professionals even more data safeguards with the ability to be backed up and then restored. Continuity of business is a critical issue facing many businesses today, and reliable data back-ups are a must.

Greensboro businesses supporting remote teams need reliability, flexibility, and productivity in one package to remain connected, and cloud desktops offer ideal solutions for professionals.

Written by Chris Michalec posted on February 24, 2021

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