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For years, we have worked with law firms to help them develop a technology strategy that supports the growth of the firm. Our experienced team not only manages the computer systems and network, but we deliver guidance and implementation support. We understand that each law firm is unique, and know that every firm relies not only on their computers, but on their case management system. From Clio to Time Matters, we have the experience in dealing with a variety of case management systems.

Your local Mac support company just doesn’t have the needed experience in the software you use and your unique needs as a growing law firm. We’ve helped setup, migrate, and integrate Needles, Best Case Bankruptcy, TABS, PracticeMaster, and Amicus into several law firms. Best of all, we know that you need help whenever a problem strikes. That’s why we deliver rapid support when you need it.

Our goal is to make sure that your computer systems and software are helping your firm be its most productive. Hours spent dealing with computer issues are billable hours wasted, and when you have a deadline to meet, you can’t afford to have a technology issue get in the way. Whether you need to have access to an important matter from the courtroom or you’re working late to get some estate planning completed, we stand behind you to ensure that your technology won’t let you down.

But we don’t stop there. With our VIP plan, you get unlimited training for your employees, and our excellent project guidance and implementation. We feel these are essential to helping your firm be its most successful. Going above and beyond what the typical IT support company offers is essential to increasing the billable hours for your firm. We look for ways to increase efficiency and boost revenue for your firm. This may mean holding a two-hour workshop to show your employees a more efficient way to handle matters. Or it might be working with your marketing team to launch a successful social media campaign to bring in new clients. Whatever the challenge, we are here to help your firm achieve great success.

“I truly would not hesitate to recommend Parkway. We have never had fewer problems. We’ve had a very limited number of problems that required on-site visits, but when we needed Parkway, it was there. We’ve never had a bad experience with Parkway and I anticipate a continued relationship.”

Sally Pridgen
McElwee Firm

“Your processes and procedures are professional and efficient but don’t feel like we’re dealing with a government bureaucracy. I can rely on you to give us great service; I can rely on you to be watching our systems; I can rely on you for great tech advice.”

Tessa Leftwich
Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan Fountain & Leftwich

Back in 2008, Parkway Tech was established to help small businesses in Virginia and North Carolina keep their technology running well and better serve their business. Over time we noticed that the law firms we worked with were the most satisfied of our clients and our biggest fans. We loved working with them very much, as well, so it was an easy transition to make to focus on the unique needs of the legal market.

There were also requests for things that fell outside the traditional IT support model. Everything from consulting on how best to go completely digital to how to improve client intake. We began to see that the computer support and management we were so good at was just a small piece of helping the firms we worked with achieve success. That’s why we’ve shifted our focus beyond just traditional IT services. Our VIP plan includes training, projects, and consulting in order to help your firm increase its billable hours.

Oh, and over three years ago we switched our office over to Macs and haven’t looked back. With the great stability, security, and ease of use that the Mac provides, we’re passionate about helping law firms move to these wonderful computer systems. We still support Windows computers, as well, but the many benefits that Macs provide to law firms can’t be ignored.

Our Values

We have five core values at Parkway Tech that guide everything we do and every interaction with you. These are so important to us that we want to share them here.

Honesty & Integrity – We are honest in all our interactions with each other, with our clients, with our vendors, and with our future clients. This means admitting when we make mistakes and giving clients the best advice, even if that means we don’t make a sale.

Continuous Self Improvement – Each day we ask, “What can we improve on?” Improvement isn’t a destination. It is a process.

Simplicity – Unneeded complexity creates frustration and confusion. It ultimately zaps an organization of the strength and motivation it needs to achieve great things. We value simplicity wherever possible to remove barriers to achieving spectacular things.

Hungry for Growth – We want to grow because we know that by growing, we will have the biggest positive impact on law firms.

Service First – Every interaction is an opportunity to serve. By serving our clients well, we help them achieve spectacular things.


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