Increased Billable Hours

Being able to increase billable hours is the primary goal of every firm. You don’t want to be wasting time on technology issues. But helping you increase billable hours at your firm goes beyond just keeping your computers running well. Our VIP plan includes unlimited project implementation and support. We don’t feel that a hefty project fee from your IT consultant should get in the way of your firm implementing a wonderful new client retention system or securely implementing a remote access system that allows access to client records from any device.

You’ll also receive monthly calls with your dedicated success manager to ensure that you are made aware of any important technology changes, and that your firm continues to stay on track to make the most of its technology investments. Unlimited support, training, project work, and consulting are all included with your VIP plan. Increasing billable hours for your firm requires more than just support.

More Time

The best use of your time is not troubleshooting computers. With our satisfaction guaranteed support, your computers will keep running well, and whenever someone encounters a problem, you’ve only got one thing to do – remind them to call Parkway. Taking IT off your plate will give you the time to focus on revenue generating activities. After all, those 5 minutes here and 15 minutes there that you spend on computer issues multiple times per week really do add up.

We will also help you implement new workflows and systems that will shave off minutes when you are working. Everything from document creation and automation to training on how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook is included with your VIP service plan. No extra charges or hidden fees. We want you to have the most time to invest in increasing billable hours and growing the firm.

“Of all the IT companies I’ve worked with, I’d say they’ve been the best as far as responsiveness is concerned. They tend to get things right when they set up the first time.”

Bailey Liipfert
Liipfert Law

“I truly would not hesitate to recommend Parkway. We have never had fewer problems. We’ve had a very limited number of problems that required on-site visits, but when we needed Parkway, it was there. We’ve never had a bad experience with Parkway and I anticipate a continued relationship.”

Sally Pridgen
McElwee Firm

Peace of Mind

You’ve got a partner you can trust with Parkway Tech. We do more than just give you peace of mind because your computers run well and are protected. When you work with us, you know that you’ve got a partner who is focused on ensuring your technology provides great value to your firm. Instead of a cost center, your technology investments should provide a clear return. Don’t settle for the other IT companies that just deliver the same old support and backup solution. Get a fantastic return on your technology investments by getting the VIP service plan from Parkway Tech.

What’s Included

Our VIP plan includes everything your firm needs, for one flat rate, to ensure that your technology is providing a clear return on your investment. Here’s everything you get:

Regular consulting from your dedicated success manager. Your success manager is here to not only meet with you once a quarter, but keep in touch throughout the month to ensure projects are on track, service is exceeding your expectations, and new initiatives are put on the calendar. Increasing the billable hours for your firm is the primary focus of your dedicated success manager. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure that we meet this primary objective.

Continual improvements for your firm. Since you get unlimited project work and consulting, we are free to look for continued ways to improve things for your firm. Our goal is to continually improve your firm’s efficiency and increase billable hours, without making your employees feel overwhelmed by change.

More than just technology. While technology is the basis for what we do, we are more than just geeks. We look at your firm as a whole, and use technology to solve your firm’s biggest challenges. Where others technology companies say, “No, we don’t deal with that,” we say “We will be happy to help.” Together, we can better market your firm, give your employees the opportunity to get meaningful work done when they are outside the office, and tackle other challenges.

Training to help your firm get the most out of what you’ve invested in. Chances are good that you’ve spent a good amount of money over the years on solutions that never fully seem to get used. Maybe there were integration hassles, but more likely your employees were comfortable with the way things worked before. We include easy online video training for your employees as part of our VIP plan. We never want a lack of user education to hold your firm back from being its best.

The premier communication and productivity suite. Office 365 is the best platform for law firm communications, and it even includes a copy of Microsoft Office for each of your systems (PCs and Macs!). But did you know that there is a lot more packed into Office 365? Clients can book appointments directly with you online and that shows up right in your calendar. You can easily host online meetings from your laptop or tablet. And your team can have their own secure group chat, freeing up email for other matters. All this from Office 365 is included with your VIP plan.

Working with your other vendors to help you be your most successful. If we are going to have you be your most successful, we’ll need to work with your other vendors. Whether there is an issue that needs to be ironed out or we need to collaborate on a project, we’ll work with your other vendors to free up your schedule for more important work.

Total IT care. Unlimited IT (computers, servers, mobile devices, and networks) support, maintenance, and management is included. We’ll look after your technology to ensure it is functioning well, tracked properly, and fixed quickly, when needed. Your employees can call us whenever they have a computer question or problem, and our response guarantee ensures that they aren’t waiting on hold.

Security to keep you in compliance and running no matter what. Law firms especially face more threats than ever. From wire fraud to data breaches, you could be forgiven for having a little trouble sleeping at night worrying about whether you are truly protected. Our VIP plan provides the important protections your firm needs to keep you in compliance. More importantly, our goal is to keep you running no matter what happens. That’s why we include a full firm continuity solution that we monitor and maintain. We hope we never have to use it, but having it there should help you sleep a little easier.

We’re there when you need us. We can’t pretend like technology is perfect. Even the best managed systems will have problems. That’s why we deliver a rapid response to any critical issues. In fact, we back it up with a 5 minute response guarantee to emergencies. If we don’t respond within 5 minutes to your emergency, your next month of VIP service is on us. And we guarantee a 15 minute response to all other support requests. You can’t afford to lose precious time (and money) when there’s a problem.


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