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Is IT Just Computer Support?

When many law firms think of IT, they think of the support. Help with printers, upgrading software, and installing new computer systems. But this is just an expense for your firm. Another item in the budget that doesn’t seem to bring much return. But what if we looked at IT a different way? What if we did what the most successful organizations do, and look at how to use technology to increase billable hours for your firm?

Parkway Tech is here to ensure your IT isn’t just another expense in your budget. We deliver the consulting and training, for a flat monthly rate, to help your firm increase billable hours. We will help you realize a healthy ROI on your technology investments. This is a real solution that will help your law firm increase its billable hours.

Don’t settle for the same old support and maintenance that other IT companies are selling. Get a complete solution that will increase the billable hours at your firm. Parkway Tech delivers more for your IT budget than support. We deliver a business solution that solves your greatest challenges.

“Your processes and procedures are professional and efficient but don’t feel like we’re dealing with a government bureaucracy. I can rely on you to give us great service; I can rely on you to be watching our systems; I can rely on you for great tech advice.”

Tessa Leftwich
Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan Fountain & Leftwich

“When we have a problem, they respond fast. We stay down an hour at the most, and we haven’t had that with other IT companies. If you have an office where you need computers to run, this is the way to go.”

Mike Levine
Levine Law Group


Are you tired of the same thing from your IT company? They support your firm well, but they never bring you new solutions that solve your key problems. Things like increasing your billable hours, better managing matters, and reducing your costs by moving to a completely electronic records system. And those rare times when they do propose something, there is always a hefty price for the project attached. We don’t feel that expensive project costs should hold your firm back from solving big challenges.

Our VIP plan includes unlimited project work. Our expert team will help you plan and implement projects that enable you to increase billable hours and solve other big challenges that your law firm has. And we also include the training your staff needs in order to take advantage of these new projects. After all, what good is it to spend the time to implement a big project if your team never takes advantage of it?

With our VIP plan, you’ll get the time to focus on what matters to you. If you’d love to get out of the office more, we can help make that happen. If you love what you do, and you just want more time to focus on that instead of your technology, we can help make that happen. Parkway Tech is here to help have time for what matters most to you.

VIP Service

Are you ready for service that goes above and beyond? How about a service plan that doesn’t nickel and dime you with extra charges? Our VIP plan is perfect for those law firms looking to have a flat rate for ALL of their IT services, including projects. Training, support, project work – all of it is covered under the VIP plan. We will help you plan and implement technology projects that help increase your billable hours.

Whether it’s a project to finally convert all your intake documents to paperless e-forms or working with your marketing group to integrate your website, CRM, and social media platforms, we will deliver the expert guidance and project management services that you need.

And we know that when you have a problem the clock is ticking. You need rapid service right away. We guarantee a 30 minute first response time to all emergencies and a 1 hour first response to all other issues. You won’t be left waiting on hold or sending email follow ups that never get answered.

And to ensure your firm’s continued success, you’ll have a dedicated success manager who you’ll speak to monthly, if not more often. During these monthly calls, they’ll review the important information you need to know about how your technology assets are performing, and you’ll discuss new opportunities to increase the success of your firm.

We keep computers running every day for the Liipfert Law Firm

“Our computer systems are our life blood,” said Liipfert Law partner Bailey Liipfert. “Being able to communicate with clients, being able to keep up with documents, being in touch with people, it’s just absolutely vital.”

“I was looking at ways of controlling the cost on IT, but not feeling like I was sacrificing the skill level. I liked what I was hearing and liked the prices I was hearing from Chris. They were significantly lower than some of the bigger contractors around. After signing up, what I liked was if I have a question, their response is almost immediate. If I run into a problem on something I’m drafting and I need help, there will be somebody that contacts me in minutes.”

“We had one of those nasty things that locks your network up [ransomware], and Parkway Tech was able to come in and deal with that and fix it with very little downtime for us. It just gives me confidence that, in an emergency, they’re just there and they’re quick as can be.”

“Of all the IT companies I’ve worked with, I’d say they’ve been the best as far as responsiveness is concerned. There’s less of the experimenting, and ‘When things don’t work, we’ll come in and fix it.’ They tend to get things right when they set up the first time.”

Why Parkway Tech?

We passionately care about helping law firms increase their billable hours. Your success matters to us! We treat your firm like it was our own. It’s this core focus that sets us apart from all the other IT and computer repair companies out there.

Unlike other IT companies that may focus just on support, we feel that the support is just a small piece of what you need. Implementing projects that help you better serve your clients and increase billable hours, as well as training your staff, are more important to the long-term success of your firm. That’s why we include all the help, planning, and guidance you’ll need with our VIP plan. No additional project charges or fees.

Our focus is completely on law firms and how we can help them achieve greater success. We know the unique software you use, your workflows, and understand the unique challenges you face in a crowded industry.

And our focus on Macs is because we know they are the best platform for law firms. Macs provide your firm with better security, much better reliability, and integrate well with mobile devices that you use in the courtroom. And Macs do all this without the expensive costs to provide the same features to a Windows PC environment. You can learn more about why Macs are the best choice for your firm here.

As your partner, we will:

Communicate clearly and regularly with you. All of our VIP clients have a dedicated success manager who stays in contact with you to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity to increase your success. And our technicians know how to communicate in English so that even complex technical problems can be explained so that you’re kept in the loop.

Be committed to your success. The successful growth of your firm is our primary goal. Sure, some of that involves us resolving computer problems, but that’s not where it ends. We constantly look for ways to increase efficiency in your firm, and help you reach new prospects through technology, such as Facebook advertising.

Keep up with technology changes that impact your firm. The constant changes in technology can be overwhelming, and there isn’t any way for you to be productive at what you do and keep up. That’s why you’ve got us! We keep up with trends in legal tech and technology as a whole. Then we cut through all the noise and let you know what will impact your firm, and what changes we recommend ensuring that you are staying ahead of your competition.

Take care of your IT needs. Of course all these things aren’t going to be beneficial if your computers are constantly crashing or you can’t share documents reliably. We will keep your systems running well, and look for areas where you can gain more value from your technology investments. You can rest easy knowing Parkway Tech is looking after your firm’s network.

Stick around for the long term. We’ve been around nearly 10 years, and our clients continue to stay with us year-after-year. In fact, we’ve received a few threats that we can’t ever close. We take pride in a long-term vision for our business and our clients. We aren’t an IT company that you’ll outgrow in a few years. Parkway Tech grows with you.

Be mindful of your budget and resources. Our first conversation with any firm looking to engage our services begins with asking what their budget is. Since we work with law firms from the startups to over a dozen attorneys, we know that not all firms are created equal. Our service plans are designed to fit a variety of budgets and needs.


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