Get Strategic Technology Solutions For Your Business!

Don’t just buy hardware and software… get strategic about your IT processes and efficiency! Anyone can walk into the technology big box store these days and buy a computer, a software package, a server, or a mobile device.

Our advice: Don’t do it!

Why? … Because adding hardware, software, or cloud assets is more than just plug-and-play. To get the kind of efficiency and employee workload optimization you want, you need someone that knows your work process AND how the proposed technology will impact your entire IT environment.

We’ve seen it too many times…

The boss – a guy like you – sends out someone who doesn’t have anything better to do that day. You say something like, “Pick up a new desktop for Suzie and don’t spend more than $xxx.xx”

Well, you know what happens. The guy you sent wanders around looking at all the various computers in a daze until a store clerk on commission sells him on one that may – or more likely, may not – do the job.

Stop taking chances with your productivity and profits! Partner with the Parkway Tech team to get real business benefit and a cohesive IT strategy.

Here’s the facts.

You buy technology to solve business problems.

You don’t want to have to write letters by hand and track invoices in a paper file system. These are simple business problems easily solved by a computer and printer. You know that.

What you may not know is that collaboration across large organizations and many miles can be accomplished just as simply… If you have skilled IT consultants guiding you to the right purchases, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of the system.

With IT consulting from Parkway Tech, your team can take advantage of:

  • Real-time collaboration on files
  • Synchronization across diverse devices – local, virtual, mobile
  • Paperless office systems
  • Secure working environments without distraction
  • Workflow optimized by IT configuration and maintenance

Let us help you with the BIG business decisions!

Every company deserves to have IT consultants that can help the organizational leadership understand how their current IT and future IT considerations impact the significant pro-growth decisions they are considering for their company.

Because most, if not all of your business processes are tied to technology in one way or another, decisions about business changes or growth have an IT component to them. Not understanding how your current IT positioning will affect how your choices will play out is just bad business.

Let the IT consultants of Parkway Tech help! We’ll show you exactly how your IT budgets, assets, and processes will influence the outcome of your decisions.

Our professional IT consultants will help you drive the business forward by providing IT input on major decisions such as:

  • Product Expansion and Launch
  • New Facilities
  • Additions to Existing Facilities
  • Online and E-Commerce Ventures
  • Outfitting Work-From-Home or Remote Employees
  • Starting Satellite Locations
  • IT Budgeting
  • Hardware Lifecycle
  • Hardware, Software, And Cloud Asset Compatibility

There is a reason and a strategy behind everything you do. Why leave your technology to chance?

You’re a smart, rational individual. You plan the next steps of your business with great care and precision. You do your market research and ensure that you have the capacity to meet expected demand.

But here’s the question…

Is your IT environment up to the job?

Sure, your employees are ready to roll…

But do they have the IT foundation they need to get the job done or is your current technology – and your current IT support solution – going to hold up to the added load?

That’s where Strategic Tech comes into play. By harnessing the vast experience of our IT consultants, you can ensure that your business has an IT environment that will undergird your pro-growth objectives.

Reach out to us now at (336) 310-9888 or to begin a no-obligation conversation about your organization’s IT support and strategy requirements.


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