Could your IT use a helping hand from a technology firm that specializes in serving independent medical practices?

Your medical practice keeps you on your toes.  It’s difficult keeping on top of everything that needs to be done in a day.  You get the greatest satisfaction from serving your patients.  It’s what drew you to medicine in the first place—the opportunity to help people improve and sustain their health.  But lately, it seems paperwork and technology demands are encroaching on your time, and it significantly impacts your ability to devote the hours you would like to the people who need you the most.


The Parkway Technology Solutions Offerings for Medical Practices

In choosing the right IT company for your medical office, it’s important to find a team that you can trust and who really “gets” you and your business.  After all, medical practices are entirely different from other industries.  You need a team that truly understands the ins and outs of the medical field.  Generic experience in other industries just isn’t going to cut it.

More than that,  you need a team that offers comprehensive IT services to meet all of the needs your busy medical practice may require.  Parkway Technology Solutions is that team.

Among the services Parkway Technology Solutions offers you are:

  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity solutions
  • IT consulting and assessments for medical practices
  • Internet-based business telecommunications systems
  • Office 365 and cloud computing services
  • Data backup, recovery, and restoration strategy
  • Green technology and paperless software options
  • HIPAA compliance yearly audits and internal auditing
  • PC and Mac expertise
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support

We are here to provide what your medical practice needs to thrive.


Technology has greatly simplified work processes for you. Let us make it even simpler!

It’s hard to imagine a day when charts were all done by hand and filed manually.   Snail mail was a necessity for transmitting critical data from doctor to doctor or hospital to hospital.  Things have changed so much in such a short amount of time.

Yet as good as technology is, it’s not without its glitches.  Unfortunately, downtime, loss of connectivity, lagging, or just not working computer systems are part of this new reality that we deal with far too often than we’d like to think.


Managing your IT services internally seemed like a good idea, but not anymore.

At the time your thinking was, “Why pay yet another fee for a service I could be doing myself?”  After months of frustration and feeling overtasked, it seems like a few extra dollar spent to acquire a top-level IT firm to manage things for you is an excellent idea.

The bottom line is a layman couldn’t do the job of a doctor or a nurse.  They simply don’t have the skills.  It’s the same with IT.  Yes, you can muddle along and do an adequate job, but are you maximizing the potential of your IT?  Could your office be more productive with just a few simple changes and a helping hand?

The answer, of course, is yes.


The Parkway Technology Solutions Guarantee

People like guarantees, and unfortunately, we live in a world where we don’t come across them often.  But Parkway Technology Solutions isn’t just any company.  We believe in old-fashioned values and a strong work ethic.

We also take great pride in a job well done.  No one benefits when clients are unhappy with work they have received.  The client is left frustrated and angry, out money, and searching for someone else to do the job they thought would be finished by now.  And the provider is out man hours and quite possibly will sustain a blemish on their reputation, which in turn costs them potential clients and money.

That’s why we work alongside medical practices like yours to truly understand your needs.  We listen when you talk, and we take all of that knowledge and apply it in designing an IT suite that fits your business perfectly.

In a world where people don’t like to take responsibility, we stand behind what we produce.  And if you’re not satisfied, we’ll do whatever it takes to get it right for you.

We offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, but we’re positive you won’t need it.  We are committed to giving you everything you need and at a price point that you can afford.

Ready to get started?  So are we!

Contact the Parkway Technology Solutions expert IT team now at (336) 310-9888 or to learn more about what Parkway Technology Solutions can do for your medical practice.

We look forward to your call.


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