• How do we do it?

    We strategize and implement the right services for your company. We can fully manage your IT services to ensure that everything is up and running when you need it. Your productivity is our productivity… and your investment is our investment!

    Is your current IT support person not responding quickly to your calls or emails?

    We hate it when that happens! It gives all IT support technicians a bad name.

    We’re different. We promise.

    We have built our reputation on being responsive. In fact, we have established guaranteed response times within our IT support contracts to ensure that you and your employees get the attention you deserve.

    The Parkway team is big on communication. That’s one of the reasons that our vendor partners, as well as our clients, work so well with our IT services staff! We keep everyone in the loop, so each stakeholder has the information they need to make relevant decisions and stay in line with the process.

  • Don’t spiral out of control! Partner with the Parkway Staff for Seamless IT Functionality.

    Our clients love our IT managed services! Why? Because our first goal is to treat their business with the same care that we give to our own business. We’ve been in the business for a decade now, and we know how to deliver IT services and IT support that brings the most business-focused advantage to your company’s processes.

    Better Living Through Managed IT Service

    Are you tired of doing all your own troubleshooting, updates, upgrades, and patches? Wouldn’t your small business do better if you could get away from IT maintenance and free up time to focus on growth plans?

    Parkway Technology Solutions provides the IT managed services you need to enjoy worry-free technology, with the flexibility and customization to give you exactly what you need.

  • Efficiency Through A Wide Array Of Expertise

    We serve a variety of law firms, from estate planning to litigation and personal injury. We also work with a variety of case management systems, including Amicus, Clio, and Time Matters. Our knowledgable staff are happy to provide you with an expert consultation to assess how we can provide maximum IT productivity to your firm and its employees.

    IT Support Professionals that are up to speed with today’s technology!

    We are now in the third generation of IT support technicians in the United States. That means that there are some IT support companies out there that are still selling and servicing outdated technology. Why? Because they know it inside out and backward.

    That, and the fact that they haven’t tried to learn anything new in a long time!

    The Parkway team is dedicated to self-improvement and knowledge base growth. We explore each new technology as it is introduced to the market to determine if it will benefit our clients and ensure that it is reliable before we implement it in your systems. Why go to all of this trouble? Because service is first! Your North Carolina, Virginia, or South Carolina business deserves the tools that will help you get closer to your organizational objectives.

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