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Are You Looking for an Outstanding IT Support Provider For Your Law Firm?

You can end your search here! Since 2008, the IT professionals of Parkway Technology Solutions have been delivering high-impact IT services to law firms, law practices and law offices throughout North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. Our clients come from nearly every sector represented in our economy, but we have established particular expertise in caring for the IT support and IT services needs of law practices, independent medical practices, non-profit organizations, property management companies, and small business.

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We specialize in providing you with seamless IT environments and keeping you happy!

How do we do it?

  • Information Systems Management – ensuring proper function
  • Strategic Technology Solutions – delivering best-in-class IT consulting
  • Security First is a Must – protecting your company from online threats

Our clients love our IT managed services! Why? Because our first goal is to treat their business with the same care that we give to our own business. We’ve been in the business for a decade now, and we know how to deliver IT services and IT support that brings the most business-focused advantage to your company’s processes.

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Don’t spiral out of control! Partner with the Parkway Staff for Seamless IT Functionality.

Companies throughout Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Charlotte have teamed up with the IT professionals of Parkway Technology solutions to ensure that their IT systems work when they are most needed.

You could have dependable computers, servers, and cloud assets too! Sure, you’ve likely bought great hardware, but that’s just half of the equation. Without top-notch IT support and IT services, that hardware will not give you the best business benefit. And that’s what you want, right? After all… You bought your hardware and software to give your business efficiency and productivity… Let us help you get the most out of your IT environment and provide your team with a user-friendly computing experience.

Tired of getting the runaround from computer-fix-it guys? Hire the Parkway Professionals!

Because IT services and IT support has a technical aspect to it, many unprofessional and dishonest tech “companies” use big words and confusing talk to persuade you to spend more money than you need to spend to get less than you need.
The Parkway Technology Solutions team is not like these backyard hacks.

We deliver IT services and IT support with the honesty and integrity you would expect from professionals. We’ll treat you as an equal and explain any technical issue in language that is plain and easy to understand. We won’t leave you wondering what we did to earn your money. Each step of the way is designed to earn – and keep – your trust. Integrity is at our core.

IT Support Professionals that are up to speed with today’s technology!

We are now in the third generation of IT support technicians in the United States. That means that there are some IT support companies out there that are still selling and servicing outdated technology. Why? Because they know it inside out and backward.

That, and the fact that they haven’t tried to learn anything new in a long time!

The Parkway team is dedicated to self-improvement and knowledge base growth. We explore each new technology as it is introduced to the market to determine if it will benefit our clients and ensure that it is reliable before we implement it in your systems. Why go to all of this trouble? Because service is first! Your North Carolina, Virginia, or South Carolina business deserves the tools that will help you get closer to your organizational objectives.

Want someone just to take care of everything for you?

Our IT Managed Services packages include all the IT support and IT services you need to do business confidently online. We equip your business with the IT security, mobility, file sharing, and process alignment that you need to get the job done. Think of our services as providing a stable launching pad for the success of your daily workflow. We provide the documentation, procedures, and guaranteed response time your staff needs to be efficient every minute of the day.

Our IT Managed Services come in three tiers.

  • Park Ranger – Guiding you and around for the IT support emergencies.
  • Trail Guide – Walking with you through the challenging terrain of daily IT use.
  • Sherpa – Sticking close to your side for the day-to-day IT maintenance and the
    big, IT decision-making.
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Parkway Technology Solutions is an IT Support and Computer Services company serving North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. We provide services in and around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Charlotte. Businesses like yours need technology support to run highly-effective organizations. Leverage pro-growth technology services for your company now!

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