IT Support for the Active Non-Profit Organization

Your work takes you all over the place – meeting with clients, traveling, and getting the job done in the field. You need reliable and secure access to applications and important information to help you work better for your non-profit organization from outside of the office.

Parkway Technology Solutions understands the importance of secure systems, remote access, and the ability to function wherever your work may take you. Our remote access offering ensures that you can have your critical information with you, wherever you may be.

We love non-profits!

It is our privilege to play a tiny role in the big plans that you have to serve your clients, help our communities, and bring a little hope to the world. We have been blessed to work with non-profits for years and understand the time, financial, and geographical constraints that you work within every day. Let us help! Our easily-budgeted IT Managed Services packages give you peace of mind and the option of a simple, comprehensive monthly payment.

Our managed services for non-profits are offered in three tiers – making it easy and affordable to get the service you need.

  • Park Ranger — A Park Ranger is around for emergencies, and he/she helps keep the park maintained. Much like an actual Park Ranger, at this offering level, we are here to take care of the basics, and we are available to deal with emergencies.
  • Trail Guide — The Trail Guide is for those organizations that want to manage their IT costs and get a higher level of service through a faster, guaranteed response time. Much like a trail guide, we are walking you, the client, through the technology wilderness – showing you the path to success.
  • Sherpa –– Our highest tier plan — this is the best fit for most organizations. Our Sherpa level provides everything an actual IT department would deliver…all at a reduced savings.

Does your non-profit team have the access you need to your important work resources?

Accessing your mission-critical information is essential. We provide the tools and solutions you need to have the access you need at all times, thanks to modern technologies such as the cloud.

When you take advantage of our Managed IT Services you benefit from:

  • Secure Remote Office Access – You, your employees, and volunteers can stay in constant communication and collaborate on files and resources needed as long as there is access to an internet connection.
  • Seamless Integration – All of your non-profit’s networking services will be seamlessly integrated – including inter-branch connectivity, voice services, and more.
  • Data Encryption – Security is a high priority. We provide encryption in transit and at rest for your vital and confidential data.
  • Data Protection – Ensure that your information is secure and easily recoverable with our data backup and secure data storage.
  • Innovative Tools and Solutions – Gain access to industry-leading tools to help you manage your systems and function from anywhere. We provide a range of innovative solutions that allow you to work at your best.

Let’s get started! Call us at (336) 310-9888 or send an email to to learn more about our IT services for non-profit entities.


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