Can You Trust Your IT Guy?

Have you ever needed to fire an employee you didn’t trust who had access to your company’s confidential digital information? Yes, this is scary. But when it’s your IT guy, it’s a nightmare!

This is what happened to a law firm in the Triad.

They had to let their onsite tech go. He had been in charge of managing and securing all of their technology, including clients’ confidential data. But the firm’s managers became suspicious about some of the activities the tech was involved in. They no longer trusted him. The only thing they could do was ask him to leave.

Now they were concerned that he would try to retaliate and hack into their system. They needed help and contacted us.

What Did We Do To Keep Him Out Of Their IT System?

As experts in Legal IT, we know how important it is to ensure the security of private data. If the tech hacked into their system he could steal their clients’ data. This would ruin their practice and put them in jeopardy of noncompliance.

We couldn’t let this happen, so we immediately:

  • Removed the tech’s remote access so he couldn’t sign into their system.
  • Reset all passwords. Doing this will keep the tech from getting into their IT system. It’s a good idea to reset passwords on a regular basis.
  • Installed a new Ubiquiti Firewall for cost-effective security.
  • Performed a complete directory search. The Active Directory governs control for access to all the resources in a computing infrastructure.
  • Updated their existing software to improve the performance, stability and security of their applications. This is important to do because hackers look for outdated software to breach.
  • Installed an EdgeRouter for more powerful routing performance.
  • Installed new software the firm required to work securely and productively.

Would You Know If Your IT System Was Hacked?

Believe it or not, we get calls about three times a year from attorneys who are worried that the IT guy they fired will retaliate by hacking into their system. Some find out after a breach occurs. Others don’t realize that a breach even took place.

Law firms are major targets for hackers because their servers hold very valuable data. Criminals steal this information and sell it on the Dark Web. And according to an article in CIO Magazine, 40% of law firms don’t realize that their data was breached.

What Puts These Law Firms At Risk?

The problem is that many small law practices rely on consumer-grade technology that can’t protect their confidential data adequately. If an untrustworthy ex-employee or “professional” hacker wants to get in and steal it, they can.

According to Dan Steiner, the author of the CIO article and CEO of Elite Legal Marketing:

“Real-time industry expertise is an important part of the solution – something software alone can’t handle.

“Today’s hackers hold a strategic advantage because of the growing numbers of devices and associated vulnerabilities. Every access point is a potential breach. A knowledgeable, sophisticated team can create security solutions specially crafted to meet the challenges that law firms face.

“The solution, as we’ve seen in many industries, is to outsource cybersecurity to trusted firms that can offer heavy-hitting, managed solutions at an affordable rate.”

This Is Good Advice – What Else Does Dan Advise You Do?

6 Things:

  1. Engage outside IT security experts and have risk assessments completed on a regular basis. If you can identify vulnerabilities, you can put a plan in place to minimize or eliminate them.
  2. Firm managers need to create a data security plan that speaks to every member of their team. Educate employees on strategies for identifying phishing attacks and other dangerous threats aimed at fooling people into compromising networks.
  3. Communicate and enforce a password policy that limits access and requires authorized users to change their credentials regularly.
  4. Conduct a weekly check for patches or other updates to computer security software.
  5. Develop a comprehensive breach response plan. After you’ve been hacked, it will be too late to develop a competent response that protects the Firm’s reputation.
  6. The American Bar Association has published a comprehensive guide for law firms– including both methods for preventing and responding to cyber attacks.

Are You Using A Robust Security Solution Backed By A Knowledgeable IT Company Versed In What Law Firms Require?

Parkway Tech is your go-to Legal IT Solutions advisor in Winston Salem, North Carolina. We’ll assess your IT security and implement a plan to keep your data safe.

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Published By : Chris Michalec   On: 16 November 2018


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