Take the First Step in Securing Your Computers

Computer security begins with employee education, and these 11 FREE IT policies will help you get started.

Protect Your Company

Without the proper policies in place, your company is vulnerable. Your employees are likely sharing information they shouldn’t and doing things on your office computers that they shouldn’t. By putting in place these policies, your employees will know their responsibilities, and you’ll have a clear course of action if one of them violates a policy.

Know What You Need To Do

These policies are written clearly so that you can understand what you need to do to properly protect your computer systems and network. You get our best practices for protecting your confidential information, so all you have to do is implement it.

Educate Your Staff

These policies are the beginning of training your staff in how to avoid getting viruses or falling victim to phishing scams. Computer security starts with educating your employees on what they should and should not do, and why.

11 FREE IT Policies

These policies cover everything from a written information security policy to guidelines for allowing employees to use their personal devices to access confidential data. All you have to do is read through and change a few small things to fit your company’s specific needs.

Get Your Free IT Policies

Just enter your name, company name, and your email address to get your free IT policies.

What’s Included

You’ll receive 11 policies that are comprehensive. Many of the policies are ones you will incorporate into your new hire process and get employee signatures that confirm they understand the information presented. Here’s all the policies we include:

  • Written information security policy – This is the foundation for the rest of the policies. It provides high level guidelines for your company to keep its confidential information safe.
  • Termination policy – Outlines the simple steps your company needs to follow when it is time to let an employee go.
  • Employee sanction policy – Details the different levels of sanctions that an employee faces for violating these policies.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy – Gives you the knowledge you need to ensure that employees using their personal devices for work don’t unwittingly cause harm to your company.
  • Remote access policy – With more employees wanting to work outside the office from time to time, you need this policy to ensure that confidential information isn’t put at risk.
  • Facility security policy – Put this policy in place to ensure that visitors or unauthorized employees don’t gain access to areas with sensitive information and equipment.
  • Network security policy – We give you the best practices for keeping your network protected from internal and external threats.
  • Access control policy – Know how to protect confidential information, while still giving your employees access to what they need to do their jobs.
  • Computer use policy – Too often employees don’t understand the dangers of conducting personal business on their work computers. This policy establishes rules and guidelines for your employees’ use of the technology equipment you provide.
  • Equipment disposal policy – Don’t risk a data breach because you forgot to securely erase a computer before you recycled it.
  • Security incident response policy – Find out what steps to take if confidential information may have been exposed to an unauthorized party.
  • BONUS! – A spreadsheet to track your technology assets

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