Why Do You Need An LTA? (Questions/Answers)

A Legal Tech Assessment (LTA) determines how your staff can improve the way they use technology like Microsoft Word and Excel to complete common legal tasks. It’s essentially a test to demonstrate how proficient they are with the IT solutions you use in your practice. With the results we obtain, Parkway Technologies can customize training to improve their skills and performance.


What Is A Legal Tech Assessment?

An LTA reveals how fluent your staff is with the IT solutions they use every day. Results of the LTA are used to determine the training they need. It combines competence-based assessments with active learning. The results are used to design a customized training solution for your law practice.

Why Does Your Firm Need An LTA?

Training can improve efficiencies and performance in all areas of your firm. Plus, the information you obtain from an LTA is valuable for a number of reasons. Not only will it be used to improve your staff’s performance, but it can be used in other ways:

  • To include in your employees’ annual reviews.
  • For training purposes.
  • To incentivize them to improve their proficiency using technology.
  • To recognize employees who excel at using specific applications.
  • To form teams of people with skills that complement one another.
  • To promote your staff’s IT capabilities in the marketing collateral you present to your clients.
  • To negotiate higher but suitable rates with your clients.

Which Employees Should Take The LTA?

Your legal professionals whose daily duties involve working with software on computers should take the LTA. It will provide a base measurement of their capabilities and reveal if they are providing effective and efficient service to your clients.

The test results are used to devise tailored training that will help fill in the gaps where they need improvement. The LTA results are not meant to shame them. All of us can use help to improve our performance and efficiencies. The LTA is meant to provide the results to determine what areas need work.

How Are Employees Scored On Their Performance?

The LTA is a time-and-accuracy based test. It determines the time it takes your employees to complete a specific assignment, as well as the accuracy of their work.

When scoring, accuracy is translated into time and is based on the premise that they will get the answers right at some point. They must complete all of the tasks. If they skip one, they’ll be penalized equal to the time it would take someone without the necessary skills to complete the task. Their scores are then compared to benchmarks, such as the targeted time and average time it takes others to complete the task.

How Is The Assessment Administered?

Employees are given the test in a live environment by one of our testers or by someone on your team. The test is available in Windows. The application comes as a plugin that can be downloaded and installed on users’ computers, or on a group training computer you provide.

Do We Need To Use A Certain Operating System?

The following are operating system and software requirements to take note of:

  • OS Requirements:
    • Windows Vista or Later
  • Software Requirements:
    • Microsoft Word 2007 or later
    • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later
    • Adobe Acrobat Version 9 or Later

These specifications are important because an EXE file must be installed on the computers that will be used. We can install it for you, or if you have an IT department, they can do this for you as well. Once installed, a number of shortcuts representing the different testing modules will appear on the employee’s computer desktop, making it easy for them to access when they’re ready to take a test.

However, if you’d rather not install the LTA on your computers, your employees can also take it using Windows Azure on the Cloud. We can show you how to do this.

How Does The Testing Application Work?

When an employee is ready, they simply click on the LTA shortcut for the particular assessment they need to take. The shortcut launches the assessment platform and they will need to digitally sign in to identify who they are. There’s a task pane to control the process as the tester moves through each assignment.

How Much Will The Legal Tech Assessment Cost Our Firm?

Parkway Tech is now offering Legal Tech Assessments for $250 per person when bundled with other services. This is an important distinction that can set your practice apart from others. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Will We Get A License When The Assessment Is Complete?

Your firm will be provided with an LTA License that’s active for one year. During this period, your employees can take the Assessment as many times as they wish to improve their skills and scores.

We know this is a lot of information to digest, so we’d be happy to visit your office to tell you more. We’ll explain why you need a Legal Tech Assessment and how it can improve your staff’s performance.