We bring high-impact IT support and IT services to your business. The Parkway Technology Solutions team has been refining our internal and service delivery processes for businesses like yours since 2008. When you partner with Parkway Technology Solutions, you are bringing real IT professionals to the table and not a fly-by-night, computer repair business.

When disaster strikes, will you have dependable backups in place? A well-developed recovery plan? What assurance do you have that you can get your business up and running again quickly? A little bit of forethought has the power to save your business!

Your firm is built on the foundation of trust and confidentiality. A hacker accessing critical and sensitive data from your computer systems could be disastrous. At the least, it could damage your reputation. At the worst? It could spell the end of a company you spent your entire career building.

Parkway Tech is a Managed IT Service Provider that offers comprehensive technology services and support for your business. Technology is a critical component to the success of any law firm, and with the right IT solutions in place, you can work more efficiently than ever before.

We do not use our clients as and their companies as technological guinea pigs. We test out each new product on our systems to determine their value before suggesting any product changes or implementations to our customers.

We have the privilege of working with, playing with, and serving alongside a community of amazing people who do mind-blowing things to help others achieve and succeed. We love to play a small role in what community organizations, charities and non-profits are doing for our communities and for our world.

Every company deserves to have IT consultants that can help the organizational leadership understand how their current IT and future IT considerations impact the significant pro-growth decisions they are considering for their company.

Your Law Practice Needs Technology To Properly Serve Your Clients.  Have The Most Trusted Name In Legal IT Services As Your Technology Partner.
Parkway’s IT managed services plans include a 90-day money back guarantee. If the plan just isn’t meeting your expectations, we will gladly refund your investment.

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How do you know that your critical data is protected? In this short video, Chris gives you the best backup strategy for your business.


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Parkway Tech offers technology management, help desk services, and strategic IT consulting to law firms and legal practices across North Carolina.

We offer a completely customized technology support services for large and small law firms, law offices and law practices.

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